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Version 2.7.4 r.11 Release Notes
post 10/14/11, 08:48 AM
VeloBase Admin
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Based on some of the feedback I have received recently I made a few tweaks to the left hand navigation menu as well as the Standard Search page.  As always, my email inbox as well as the forum is always open for suggestions and feedback on the website.  Thank you.

1) New menu item under 'Components' - By Category.  Sub-Menu lists all of the component categories and will take you to the Search List for that category.
2) Renamed the menu item that was 'Components' to 'Search' and removed the Visual Search sub-menu item until I finally get around to rebuilding the Visual Search feature.
3) Changed Standard Search checkbox grids to arrange Vertical instead of Horizontal.  Increased the number of items needed for a brand to be listed under 'Major Brands' from 3 to 4.
4) Updated the ViewComponent page to eliminate error if a ComponentId is not passed into the page.  It will instead simply redirect to the ListComponents page.

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