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post 01/26/12, 01:44 PM
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A new release today, and finally after 12 revisions of 2.7.6, enough of a shift of direction and focus that I've upped the version number.

Most of the changes are around the Points system.  I've basically simplified it, but the requirements for account upgrades remain the same.  Gone are the 'Seniority Points' that you got for just having an account.  So the only points you get are from contributing to the website.  Your MyBase page will now show your points, the points you need for your upgrade, and amount of time needed if needed.

As a reminder, you need 5 days and 1 point to upgrade from User to Vintage User, and from Vintage User to Certified Vintage requires 15pts and at least 30 days.
post 01/27/12, 02:39 PM
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Version 2.7.7 rev.1

1) Bug fixes in Marketplace. 
2) some rearranging of the Marketplace Transaction List fields.  The name link will now take you to the Transaction Details page, where the small list icon will take you to the Listing, previously that was reversed.  I've updated the hover tool tips to reflect change.
3) Bug fix to the Daily Job code which prevented last night's emails from being sent out.  That should be fixed now.
4) Minor style changes, specifically removed the underline from under hyperlink text.
post 01/27/12, 04:27 PM
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Version 2.7.7 rev.2

1) Fixed Report Dialog.  This was one of the last AJAX-Toolkit controls I had left within the site, and now it's changed over to jQuery.  Something that my webhost did a short time ago has broken everything related to AJAX-Toolkit, and I've been replacing the functionality as time allows.  I'd forgotten about the Report dialog or I would have fixed that sooner.

2) More style tweaks.
post 01/30/12, 01:03 PM
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Version 2.7.7 rev.3

1) removed the 'Processing' Status from Marketplace Listings.  Combined with 'Pending' status.  In short, an Listing is still in 'Pending' until the transaction is Completed.  I just realized that I left the 'Processing' option in the Add/Edit screen, however I seriously anyone will attempt to set the Status to that value between now and when I do the next release. You'll get a rather unhappy error if you do I'd suspect.  

2) Added some filter options for the Admin Submit Log page.  Will help me keep better tabs on what is getting submitted and able to do a quick check of new items for any needed changes.

3) Reduced the Expiration for new Listings from 90 days to 60 days.  All existing listings retain their original expiration date.  If an item hasn't sold in 2 months, the option is still there to renew it (with helpful email reminder), I just thought that 90 days was a bit long for an item to stay listed which may or may not have sold else where.

That should be about it for this time around.  Don't really want to dive into anything big till I know I'll have the opportunity to get it done in a reasonable amount of time
post 02/11/12, 02:35 PM
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post 03/12/12, 11:36 AM
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Version 2.7.7 rev. 5 (not sure what happened to rev.4's release notes, must not have been anything all that important)

1) Fixed bug preventing users from editing an Expired Marketplace Listing to that it could be renewed.

2) Added a Basic Upload page for users who have had issues using the Flash based photo upload tool.  New page will allow you to upload 3 photos at a time.  All other modifications (crop, reorder, etc) will be done from the standard Photo Manager page as before.

3) Due to some issues that have come up regarding photos being uploaded with the wrong source information (usually on accident, but nonetheless), I have updated the Source dropdown on the Photo Upload dialog to be empty when opened.  You will have to drop down and select the correct value before photos can be uploaded.  Previously this dropdown defaulted to "Photo by [currently logged in user]".

4) I have made some minor tweaks to the text of the Marketplace Terms & Conditions.  Nothing that would require users to re-agree to the terms and conditions so I have not reset the Marketplace permissions at this time.  I removed the text regarding the Beta Test phase as the Marketplace is now stable enough to be considered in an "Introductory" period.  All listings are still unlimited and free of any charges or fees.  
post 05/03/12, 03:02 PM
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Version 2.7.7 rev.6

Component Comparison - this new feature comes from a user's request to be able to easily compare components side-by-side.  From the Component List page (Gallery view to be completed in the next release) you can select up to 5 components to compare.  If all selected components are of the same category, the comparison page will list full details of each component.  If there is more than one category selected, then only the general section values will be listed.  Refinements and improvements on this feature to come, but I was at a stopping point and wanted to get what I had pushed out since it had been several months since an update.

Note: if you encounter any errors using this new feature, you may want to make sure that you have cleared your browser's cache files.  This feature relies heavily on javascript code that resides in a file that some browsers may not always want to update from the server.
post 05/04/12, 02:09 PM
VeloBase Admin
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Version 2.7.7 rev. 7 

Well, it took a few tires, but think I've got the Gallery mode comparison code deployed to where I'm happy with it.  Had to restructure the photo cell a little bit of the Gallery View which I'm not 100% sold on, but think it'll work.  As always, let me know if you encounter any problems.
post 07/17/12, 12:45 PM
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Version 2.7.7 rev. 8 & 9 - email problem logging improvements.

Having problems receiving some of my job emails, as well as some users have not been getting emails from the system reliably.  Working on adding additional logging to verify which emails are getting lost during send vs getting lost by the host's servers.

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