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Broken Collar Bone
post 09/25/12, 06:31 AM
VeloBase Admin
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On 9/20 I took a spill from my Schwinn Crosscut and broke my collar bone.  Friday I will be undergoing surgery to fix said collar bone.  Email response time and such will likely be a bit longer than usual for a few weeks while I recover.  I will try to get to everyone when I am able to.  Thank you.
post 09/26/12, 04:21 AM
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Very sorry indeed to hear of your mishap Jon.Wishing you the best of luck for recovery! Steve Rosten from Downunder OZ.
post 09/28/12, 05:19 AM
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Speedy recover Jon and it is really good to have velobase back up and running. I was suffering withdrawal symptoms. Paul from Downunder NZ  
post 09/28/12, 06:23 PM
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Best wish on a speedy recovery!
post 10/02/12, 04:22 AM
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Nasty. Get well soon!
post 10/04/12, 09:36 PM
VeloBase Admin
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Thank you everyone for the well wishes here and those who have emailed me.  Shoulder is much improved over the course of the week, still a long way from being able to climb back onto a bike, but for the most part I'm able to get back to computer related work as before the accident.  The first 36-48hrs after the surgery was rough, I've dealt with worse, but it was certainly enough to make me never want to deal with it again.

I looked over the bike again yesterday, didn't see anything more out of sorts than the first time I looked it over last week, both brake levers are out of position and a bit dirty from hitting the dirt, and the left bar-end shifter was also knocked out of place.  Bar tape could use to be replaced, but I was using left-over tape from a previous wrap job on another bike as it was so no real loss there.  Here I was going to get a good head light for this bike and use it for some night riding this fall since it had the wide tires on it (700x33) so I wouldn't worry about a road crack here or there while riding after dark, and it's the one that throws me.

Here's the bike, same night as the crash in fact, just as I was headed towards home from my relaxing evening ride around town.

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