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Mavic MA Rims
post 01/22/13, 08:36 AM
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I have these on an old bike from the mid 90's but can't find any info on them, other than to guess that they are precursors to the MA 2's

Anyone have anything they can add?



post 01/22/13, 08:37 AM
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Note: these are 700c / 36 hole / double eyelet (?) other than that I know nada.....
post 05/24/17, 12:57 AM
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Yes Mavic MA's are very similar to MA2's, do they have single or double eyelets?  MA2's (made famous by Jobst Brandt's "The Bicycle Wheel" book, which created a shortage) were a double-eyelet box-section low-profile clincher aluminum rim.  Nothing fancy, just classic styling and sturdy build, about 480gm I think.  Your MA's are almost the same ( I am vaguely remembering that i think they are single eyelet rims, not double-eyelet, which is why Jobst recommended the MA2 instead of the MA).
post 08/30/17, 02:21 PM
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I have read that the MA's were single-eyelet as well.

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