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Help identify German frame?
post 04/08/17, 05:23 AM
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Hi, I have had a bicycle for some years now — found it derelict thrown in a skip, took it home, cleaned it, replaced all the parts and made it functional again.

The brand/make and origin of the bike still remain a mystery to me. It is a city/road bike, frame feels steel and OK for its size (neither too light, nor too heavy). Certainly very sturdy. Welded bike stand base, also welded seat tightener, and pump holder. Attached are a few images - the only original parts on this bike are the frame, fork, and cranks. 

The frame features a plastic/rubber embossed/glued logo, writing a big capital K and "Made in W.Germany" underneath, which indicates it must be from before the 90s, probably 80s. There used to be some stickers on the rest of the frame when I found it, but they were not particularly readable, so I scraped them off. I remember googling some of the words that were still readable from the frame stickers, but couldn't find anything, so I threw them — perhaps a mistake on my part.

Attached are some photos. The logo's font type looks a lot like Kotter's (e.g. ), but to date I haven't found a Kotter's logo that is rubber-embossed, and not painted/sticker, and without the eagle, so not sure. 

Any leads/hints/ideas would be highly valued!

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