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Vintage Women's bike, what is it?I ran across what I am assuming is 1940s women's bike, I have been trying to find information a
post 12/21/17, 01:50 AM
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I ran across what I am assuming is 1940s women's bike, I have been trying to find information about it but, it's missing the has a unique frame that I have never seen before, I definitely can use some help on this one.?

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post 07/12/18, 05:53 AM
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To me vintage technology always feels a bit more mechanical in some ways; a bit closer to the product, a bit raw and more physical and it feels simpler. I feel it for example while listening to music with a record player vs. computer/phone. Using knobs or buttons vs digital touchscreens for example on your mobile or radio. There is a certain ease of feeling of belonging you have towards an object if it's simpler, and you can touch it and understand it. It is easier to create a connection with it because it is raw and more natural and maybe because of this, it is easier to predict how the object will react to you and the environment.

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post 07/24/18, 08:58 PM
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post 08/02/18, 04:27 AM
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post 08/09/18, 05:38 AM
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Way back when safety bike was suitable into well-liked girls wore skirts. Skirt lengths were to the ankle. The born high bar created old-time possible while keeping dignity. 

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post 09/19/18, 12:36 AM
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post 11/02/18, 01:42 AM
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post 11/16/18, 12:39 AM
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