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bicycle recommendations
post 06/18/18, 04:38 AM
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I ride a Puch 10-speed, vintage late 70s, that I purchased for $20 around 1982. For sure, I have gotten my money's worth...disregarding maintenance and a few minor upgrades (saddle especially), that comes to about 60 cents per year.That said, there are a few issues. It is too large for me, the handlebars are too low for me and cannot be raised, and the gear shifts on the frame rather than on the handlebars are a bit of a nuisance and a bit dangerous. The riding position gets uncomfortable after about 20 miles.My rides tend to average 10-30 miles, occasionally longer, mostly on smooth bike paths, as well as just bopping around town. I ride frequently though seasonally....I live in MA and do not ride in cold weather. I usually leave my bike in high gear semi-permanently unless I am going up a very steep hill.....I suppose that is largely laziness.
From time to time I think about replacing my bike with a more modern bike that would fit better and be more ergonomic. But I am a bit wed to this bike I have had all these years, and I am not sure that a more modern bike would be a huge improvement. I would probably want a road bike. It could be a used bike.
1. Would a modern bike be significantly more efficient and easier to ride? 
2. Would I notice much difference between a ~$500 bike, a ~$1000 bike and a ~$2000 bike, given my uses, and if so, what? Of course the more expensive bikes will be lighter, but will I notice much change in comfort or efficiency/speed? 
3. What are the most important factors to look for?
4. Any specific recommendations?

Please help.

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post 08/21/18, 04:05 PM
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