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Component NameCategoryModelGroupYears 
Alesa 116Rims116 N/A
Alesa 913Rims913 N/A
Alesa 913 (Hard Anodized)Rims913 N/A
Alesa 920 PROFRims920 PROF N/A
Alesa 926 Cyclo BallRims926 Cyclo Ball N/A
Ambrosio (clincher)Rims N/A
Ambrosio (early, tubular)Rims Early 1930's - Early 1960's
Ambrosio (tubular)Rims 1950's - ?
Ambrosio Evolution TQBRims 1990's - ?
Ambrosio 19 Extra EliteRims19 Extra Elite Early 1980's - ?
Ambrosio 19 Extra Elite, DurexRims19 Extra Elite Early 1980's - ?
Ambrosio 19 Extra Elite Aero dynamicRims19 Extra Elite Aero dynamic N/A
Ambrosio 19 Extra Super EliteRims19 Extra Super Elite N/A
Ambrosio AeroRimsAero 1970's - 1980's
Ambrosio Balance v1RimsBalance 1980's - ?
Ambrosio Excellence ColnagoRimsExcellence N/A
Ambrosio Excellence Team EditionRimsExcellence N/A
Ambrosio Giro d'ItaliaRimsGiro d'Italia N/A
Ambrosio High PressureRimsHigh Pressure N/A
Ambrosio HypothesisRimsHypothesis N/A
Ambrosio MetamorphosisRimsMetamorphosis N/A
Ambrosio Montreal DurexRimsMontreal 1980 - 1983
Ambrosio Montreal - Mappamondo D'Oro - Premio internazionaleRimsMontreal (red anodized) N/A
Ambrosio Montreal Durex CronoRimsMontreal Durex Crono Mid 1970's - Mid 1980's
Ambrosio Montreal Medaille d'OrRimsMontreal Medaille d'Or 1976 - ?
Ambrosio NemesisRimsNemesis N/A
Ambrosio Olympic ChampionRimsOlympic Champion 1953 - Mid 1960's
Ambrosio Pista ColorRimsPista Color N/A
Ambrosio PrestigeRimsPrestige 1980's - 1990's
Ambrosio QuorumRimsQuorum N/A
Ambrosio Super EliteRimsSuper Elite N/A
Ambrosio SynthesisRimsSynthesis N/A
Ambrosio Synthesis Super ProfessionalRimsSynthesis Durex Super Professional N/A
Ambrosio Tour de FranceRimsTour de France N/A
Araya 16A (box style alloy clincher)Rims16A Late 1960's - 1990's
Araya 16B (Road version)Rims16B 1960's - 1980's
Araya 16B (Track version)Rims16B 1960's - 1980's
Araya 16B Gold NJSRims16B Gold 1970's - Current
Araya Tita Ace Gold TitaniumRims16B Tita Ace Gold 1982 - 1995
Araya 18Rims18 Early 1980's - Mid 1980's
Araya 20ARims20A Late 1970's - 1990's
Araya Aero 1 (ADX-1)RimsADX-1 Late 1970's - Early 1990's
Araya ADX-1WRimsADX-1W Late 1970's - Early 1980's
Araya Aero 2 (ADX-2)RimsADX-2 Late 1970's - Early 1980's
Araya Aero 4 (ADX-4)RimsAero 4 (ADX-4) Mid 1980's - Mid 1990's
Araya CT-19NRimsCT-19N 1985 - 1992
Araya R-50RimsR-50 1988 - ?
Araya RM-20RimsRM-20 1984 - 1990's
Araya Super AeroRimsSA30 N/A
Araya SS-45RimsSS-45 N/A

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