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Component NameCategoryModelGroupYears 
Adidas Systeme 3 Clipless Pedal PedalsSysteme 3  1988
Arai BMX-500PedalsBMX-500 N/A
AssosPedals 1986 - 1987
Atom (quill cage)Pedals N/A
Atom (square cage)Pedals N/A
Atom 440Pedals440 1970's - 1980's
Atom 600 (2nd version; red label on round cap)Pedals600 1970's
Atom 700Pedals700 1970's
Atom/Maillard 600 (1st version; black label on hexagonal cap)PedalsAtom 600 1970's
Atom De LuxePedalsDe Luxe Mid 1940's - ?
Avenir clipless pedalsPedals N/A
Avocet Model I PedalPedalsModel IModel I1980's
Avocet Model II PedalPedalsModel IIModel II1982 - ?
Avocet Model III Platform Pedal (by Ofmega)PedalsModel IIIModel IIIEarly 1980's
B & T Components Ltd (Bantel)
B & T Components Ltd (Bantel)Pedals Mid 1940's - ?
Barelli Supreme (aluminium alloy)Pedals N/A
Barelli B10PedalsB10 ? - Mid 1970's
Barelli Supreme (stainless steel)PedalsSupreme 1977 - ?
BianchiPedals Late 1940's - Late 1950's
Bob Reedy
Bob ReedyPedals N/A
Brampton RacingPedals Mid 1920's - Mid 1930's
Brampton 546Pedals546 N/A
Brampton B8PedalsB8 Late 1940's - 1950's
BSA Lightweight Rat TrapPedals Late 1930's - ?
BSA Racer Rat TrapPedals Late 1930's - ?
BSA Rat TrapPedals  Early 1920's - ?
Cambio Rino
Cambio RinoPedals N/A
Cambio Rino CamRi 2000 (LOOK style clipless)Pedals Late 1980's - 1990's
Cambio Rino ElegantPedals225ElegantMid 1980's - Late 1980's
Campagnolo 3700, (Nuovo) Gran SportPedals3700(Nuovo) Gran SportMid 1970's - 1980's
Campagnolo Record , 50th AnniversaryPedalsRecord 50th Anniversary1983
Campagnolo AthenaPedalsAthenaAthena1988 - 1992
Campagnolo PD-12AT QR, AthenaPedalsPD-12ATQRAthena1992 - 1995
Campagnolo 305/BMXPedals305/BMXBMX1980's
Campagnolo 305/501, C-RecordPedals305/501C-Record1985 - 1990
Campagnolo SGR-1, RecordPedalsSGR-1C-Record1988 - 1991
Campagnolo C-Record PistaPedalsTrack - Dual BearingC-Record1985 - 1987
Campagnolo PD-02RE, C-Record PistaPedalsPD-02REC-Record PistaLate 1980's - Mid 1990's
Campagnolo Q600, Centaur LGPedalsQ600Centaur1990
Campagnolo Q640, Centaur SMPedalsQ640Centaur1990
Campagnolo CentaurPedalsQRCentaurEarly 1990's - ?
Campagnolo ChorusPedals705/000Chorus1988 - 1992
Campagnolo PD-12CH QR, Chorus QR PedalPedalsBD-12CH QRChorus1992 - ?
Campagnolo PD-22CH QR, Chorus QR PedalPedalsBD-22CH QRChorus1993 - ?
Campagnolo B620-A, Croce d' AunePedalsB620-ACroce d' Aune1987 - 1990
Campagnolo Euclid (1st Gen)PedalsM600-PREuclid1989 - 1991
Campagnolo M600-PR, EuclidPedalsM600-PREuclid1989 - 1991
Campagnolo PD-02IC, Icarus / CentaurPedalsPD-02ICIcarusEarly 1990's
Campagnolo Nuovo Record orthopedic pedalPedalsNuovo RecordN/A
Campagnolo 1037, Record StradaPedals1037Record1960 - 1980's

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