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Model NameBrandCategoryYearsIncludes
Colnago C 93ColnagoRoad Race1993 - ?Frame ExampleFrame Details
Colnago C94ColnagoRoad Race1990'sFrame Example
Colnago CarbituboColnagoRoad RaceEarly 1990's - Mid 1990'sFrame ExampleFrame Details
Colnago DREAMColnagoRoad Race1997 - 1999Frame ExampleFrame Details
Colnago ESA MexicoColnagoRoad RaceLate 1980's - ?Frame ExampleFrame Details
Colnago Master OlympicColnagoRoad Race1994Frame ExampleFrame Details
Colnago Master OlympicColnagoRoad Race1990's - ?Frame ExampleFrame Details
Colnago RégalColnagoRoad RaceLate 1980's - ?Frame ExampleFrame Details
Colnago (Road Race)ColnagoRoad RaceMid 1980's - Late 1980's
Colnago SaronniColnagoRoad RaceMid 1980's - Late 1980'sFrame ExampleFrame Details
Colnago SuperColnagoRoad Race1970's - 1980'sFrame ExamplesFrame Details
Colnago Super SaronniColnagoRoad RaceEarly 1980's
Colnago Super SaronniColnagoRoad RaceEarly 1980'sFrame ExampleFrame DetailsFrame Build
Colnago Super SprintColnagoRoad RaceN/AFrame ExamplesFrame Details

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