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Development Road Map
post 10/07/10, 09:38 AM
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Anyone who has spent any amount of time on this site, or even browsed through the News & Announcements threads will see that updates and improvements to are a never ending process.  The purpose of this thread is to give an overview of the future plans for development.  Additional changes and improvements not included here are always a possibility as time, suggestion, or necessity allow.

Version 2.6.X - Primary focus of all 2.6.X versions will be user interaction and user experience on the site to improve sense of community and desire to contribute to the collections.

Version 2.6.0 - Completed
Beginning of User-Interaction revamp.  Improved forum and development of Private Messaging system.
System performance improvements to increase system response and load times for improved user experience for all users.

Version 2.6.1 - Completed
User interaction revamp phase II.  Private Messaging, Forum improvements are primary focus points.
creation of the Submission Log to run the addition of better submission tracking, recent submission lists, etc 

Version 2.6.2 - Completed
MyBase, User Profile & User Content changes.  Integrating Recent Submission lists based on the Submit Log data into these 3 pages.
Improve consistency between the collection's Add/Edit functionality.
Improve user submission count tracking in the User Profile.
Version 2.6.3 - Completed
Improve user submission count tracking in the User Profile.
Forum - Edit Thread Title functionality.
Forum - Quote post functionality.
Forum - Adjust Thread & Post counts on Post & Thread delete / move.
Forum - Sticky threads.
Forum - Paging.
Forum - Additional search. (phase I done)
Tools / Jersey / Frame Parts collection - test and fix any bugs with the Next / Previous / Back button functionality
Component Variation Manager - rebuild

Version 2.6.4 - Completed
FAQ & Help screens reviewed and improved.  Make sure all information is up to date with latest updates to the site. (phase I complete)
Add Create New PM Message straight from New Message page without having to go through the User Profile. (done)
Update User List / Find User functionality. (done)
Forum - automated statistic reset. (done)
Admin - View Change Log. (done)
Admin - User Admin. (required changes being evaluated)
MyBase - additional item types in Watch List (head badges, etc).

post 10/09/10, 12:36 PM
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Version 2.7.X - Major Collections Updates

Not sure on the break down of work yet and what will be prioritized, but my current plan is by the time I am completed with the 2.6.X work schedule, the Bicycles and Frames database will have grown and matured enough for me to look at the weaknesses of the design and where improvements can be made.  I will also be looking at improvements to other collections in the database such as Brands and of course Components.

Version 2.7.0
-- Component Group Edit - Select components page rebuild. (done)
-- Component Pages & Objects - Caching and DB call work. (in development)
-- Add New Brand window - disable buttons on click to prevent duplicate entries from double click. (fix in place - may rebuild this window in future)
-- Remove 'Rank' field from Group - consider replacing with a better way of showing hierarchy. (done)
-- Narrative - combine Glossary, Articles & Brand History under Narrative object.  Complete Narrative object implementation work for building Narrative UI in 2.7.1. (done - added to Brand & Component Group)
-- Separate tables for different sections of Brand Content overview. (done)
-- Rebuild Resources & Links to allow for wider use and flexibility for other collections. (in development)
-- Narrative Add/Edit/Select UI. (Select including Article, Glossary, etc) (done) - added to Brand & Group
Version 2.7.1
-- Component Search - Detailed Search rebuild / reintroduction. (done)
-- Submit Log changes rollback functionality. (done)
-- Import 'Comment' into 'Narrative' functionality. (done)
-- User Admin - award points to user by Admin. (done)
-- Frame Model - View & Add/Edit Pages rework. (done)
Version 2.7.2
-- Frame Example Details - Add/Edit screen improvements. (on-going)
-- Frame Model / Frame Example view screens - additional fields visible. (on-going)
-- Frame Model / Frame Example - add to Watch List options (done)
Version 2.7.3
-- Frame Model / Frame Example Standard Search. (moved from 2.7.2) (done)
-- Frame Example - Component Build improvements (add/edit/view) - ON HOLD
Version 2.7.4
-- List Page rebuild - non-component collections.
-- List Page rebuild - components.
post 11/16/18, 11:33 PM
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post 01/10/19, 08:14 AM
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post 03/29/19, 12:12 AM
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