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Selle Italia 'Peugeot'Selle Italia 1990's - ?
Selle Italia DualSelle Italia 1992 - ?
Selle Italia Mythos El DiabloSelle Italia Early 1990's - ?
Selle Italia NitroxSelle Italia 1998 - ?
Selle Italia Novus Ferrari CarbonSelle Italia 1990's
Selle Italia RS 80 Eddy MerckxSelle Italia Early 1980's - ?
Selle Italia Turbo TriathlonSelle Italia 1980's
Selle Italia Appoggio Lombare (Lumbar Support)Selle ItaliaAppoggio Lombare (Lumbar Support) 1990 - ?
Selle Italia Bio TurboSelle ItaliaBio Turbo Mid 1980's - Late 1980's
Selle Italia CampionissimoSelle ItaliaCampionissimo N/A
Selle Italia Campionissimo Fausto Coppi editionSelle ItaliaCampionissimo Fausto Coppi 1987
Selle Italia CenturySelle ItaliaCentury 1997 - ?
Selle Italia CondorSelle ItaliaCondor N/A
Selle Italia CondorSelle ItaliaCondor N/A
Selle Italia Criterium (Buffalo Leather)Selle ItaliaCriterium 1970's - ?
Selle Italia Criterium (Leather)Selle ItaliaCriterium Late 1970's - ?
Selle Italia Criterium (Suede)Selle ItaliaCriterium 1970's - ?
Selle Italia DaytonaSelle ItaliaDaytona 1993
Selle Italia Flite KevlarSelle ItaliaFlite  Mid 1980's - 2000's
Selle Italia Flite Ti Genuine GELSelle ItaliaFlite Ti Genuine GEL 1990's - 2000's
Selle Italia Flite TitaniumSelle ItaliaFlite Titanium Late 1980's - 2000's
Selle Italia Flite Titanium AlpesSelle ItaliaFlite Titanium Alpes 1990's
Selle Italia Flite Titanium KevlarSelle ItaliaFlite Titanium Kevlar Mid 1980's - 2000's
Selle Italia Flite TransAmSelle ItaliaFlite TransAm 1990's - 2000's
Selle Italia Grand Prix ProfessionalSelle ItaliaGrand Prix Professional Late 1960's - Early 1970's
Sella Italia Grand Prix T.I.Selle ItaliaGrand Prix T.I. 1970's - ?
Selle Italia L. Turbo (Lady Turbo)Selle ItaliaL. Turbo 1980's - ?
Selle Italia Max Flite Tinker JuarezSelle ItaliaMax Flite Tinker Juarez 1999 - 2000
Selle Italia MundialitaSelle ItaliaMundialita N/A
Super SprintSelle ItaliaN. 69024 1960 - 1969
Selle Italia Novus CarbonSelle ItaliaNovus Carbon  1997 - ?
Selle Italia RecordSelle ItaliaRecord N/A
Selle Italia RSSelle ItaliaRS 1980's
Selle Italia Sprint suedeSelle ItaliaSprint Suede Mid 1970's - Early 1980's
Selle Italia Super TurboSelle ItaliaSuper Turbo 1992 - ?
Selle Italia SuperleggeraSelle ItaliaSuperleggera N/A
Selle Italia SuperprofessionalSelle ItaliaSuperprofessional N/A
Selle Italia Superprofessional (Suede)Selle ItaliaSuperprofessional N/A
Selle Italia TRiMaticSelle ItaliaTRiMatic N/A
Selle Italia TurboSelle ItaliaTurbo 1980 - Late 1990's
Selle Italia Turbo (early version)Selle ItaliaTurbo 1980 - 1990's
Selle Italia Turbo (perforated)Selle ItaliaTurbo 1980's
Selle Italia Turbo - Bernard HinaultSelle ItaliaTurbo - Bernard Hinault 1980's - ?
Selle Italia Turbo - Bernard Hinault (v2)Selle ItaliaTurbo - Bernard Hinault 1980's - ?
Selle Italia Turbo - Bernard Hinault (v2) SLGSelle ItaliaTurbo - Bernard Hinault ? - Early 1990's
Selle Italia Turbo GelSelle ItaliaTurbo Gel Late 1980's - Early 1990's
Selle Italia Turbo LiteSelle ItaliaTurbo Lite Early 1990's - ?
Selle Italia Turbo Matic 2Selle ItaliaTurbo Matic 2 1990 - 1992
Selle Italia Turbo Matic 2 - BicolorSelle ItaliaTurbo Matic 2 ? - 1996
Selle Italia Turbo SLGSelle ItaliaTurbo SLG Early 1990's - Mid 1990's
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