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Brake Levers
GBGB Late 1940's - ?
GB (straight lever)GB N/A
GB Arret Coureur 66GBCoureur 66  N/A
GB Gran TourGBGran Tour 1950's
GB Super Hood (earlier version)GBSuper Hood Late 1940's - Late 1950's
GB Super Hood (later version)GBSuper Hood N/A
GB Super Hood RapideGBSuper Hood N/A
GBGB Mid 1950's - ?
GB HiduminiumGB 1948 - ?
GB SportGB 1953 - ?
GB SPORT (2nd Generation)GB Mid 1950's - ?
GB SPORT (2nd Generation)GB Mid 1950's - ?
GB Sport MK2GB 1950's - ?
GB Sport Mk3GB 1958 - ?
GB SpriteGB Early 1960's - ?
GB 77GB77 Mid 1970's - ?
GB 88GB88 1969 - 1970
GB Coureur (lettered "GB Coureur British Made")GBCoureur 1950 - ?
GB Coureur (lettered "GB Coureur Hiduminium British Made")GBCoureur 1950 - ?
GB Coureur 66 (springs anchored on calipers, no '66' on side of caliper)GBCoureur 66 1961 - ?
GB Coureur 66 (springs anchored on pivots, '66' on side of caliper)GBCoureur 66 1963 - ?
GB Coureur PlusGBCoureur Plus 1957 - ?
GB 'Dawes'GB 1970's - ?
GB 'Viking'GB 1950's - ?
GB (alloy, with scalloped red ferrule)GB N/A
GB Maes (alloy, no ferrule)GB N/A
GB Maes (alloy, with ferrule)GB 1970's
GB Maes (alloy, with scalloped ferrule)GB N/A
GB Maes (steel)GB N/A
GB PelissierGB N/A
GB RandonneurGB Early 1970's - ?
GB VentouxGB 1960's - 1970's
Small Parts & Accessories
GB Arret brake lever sleevesGB N/A
GB Cable Clamp BuffersGB Late 1950's - Late 1960's
GB cable oil/grease ports & tidyGB N/A
GB cable oilerGB 1950's
GB Hiduminium toe clipsGB N/A
GB hub wingnutsGB N/A
GB Plastic Storage BoxesGB N/A
GB seatpost binder boltGB N/A
GB Softouch GripsGB N/A
GB Super Hood brake lever half hoodsGB N/A
GB Super Hood brake lever hoodsGB N/A
GB top tube cable clipGB 1960 - ?
GB Type Professionnel toe clipsGB Early 1950's - Mid 1950's
GB wingnuts for Sturmey-Archer hubsGB 1950's
GB 531GB  Early 1950's - Mid 1960's
GB 531 (Toni Merken style)GB  Early 1960's
GB ForgedGB N/A
GB KromoGB N/A
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