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Bottom Brackets
Shimano BB-A450, Exage SportShimanoBB-A450Exage 300EX1988 - 1992
Shimano BB-A450, Exage SportShimanoBB-A450Exage 400EX1988 - 1992
Shimano BB-A450, Exage SportShimanoBB-A450Exage Sport1988 - 1992
Brake Levers
Shimano BL-A251 Exage MotionShimanoBL-A251Exage 300EX1989 - Early 1990's
Shimano BL-A251 & BL-A25, Exage Motion w/ extension leverShimanoBL-A251 & BL-A25Exage 300EX1989 - Early 1990's
Shimano BL-A351 Exage ActionShimanoBL-A351Exage ActionLate 1980's - 1994
Shimano BL-A251 Exage MotionShimanoBL-A251Exage Motion1989 - Early 1990's
Shimano BL-A251 & BL-A25, Exage Motion w/ extension leverShimanoBL-A251 & BL-A25Exage Motion1989 - Early 1990's
Shimano BL-A451, Exage SportShimanoBL-A451Exage Sport1988
Shimano BL-A452, Exage SportShimanoBL-A452Exage Sport1988
Shimano BR-A250, Exage MotionShimanoBR-A250Exage 300EX1990 - 1999
Shimano BR-A350, Exage ActionShimanoBR-A350Exage 400EXLate 1980's - 1992
Shimano BR-M453, Deore LXShimanoBR-M453Exage 500LXEarly 1990's - Mid 1990's
Shimano BR-M454, Exage 500LXShimanoBR-M454Exage 500LX1989 - 1991
Shimano BR-A350, Exage ActionShimanoBR-A350Exage ActionLate 1980's - 1992
Shimano BR-A250, Exage MotionShimanoBR-A250Exage Motion1990 - 1999
Shimano BR-M520, Exage ESShimanoBR-M520Exage Mountain1993
Shimano BR-AT50, Exage TrailShimanoBR-AT50Exage Trail1986 - 1993
Shimano FC-A300, 300EXShimanoFC-A300Exage 300EX1990 - 1999
Shimano FC-M300, Exage 300LXShimanoFC-M300Exage 300LX1989 - 1991
Shimano Exage 500EXShimanoFC-A500Exage 500EXN/A
Shimano FC-M450, Exage MountainShimanoFC-M450Exage Mountain1987 - 1988
Shimano FC-M520, Exage MountainShimanoFC-M520Exage MountainEarly 1990's - ?
Shimano FC-A450, Exage SportShimanoFC-A450Exage Sport1988
Shimano FC-A452, Sport LXShimanoFC-A452Sport LX1988
Front Derailleurs
Shimano FD-A300, 300EXShimanoFD-A300Exage 300EX1990 - 1999
Shimano FD-M300, Exage 300LXShimanoFD-M300Exage 300LXLate 1980's - Early 1990's
Shimano FD-A400, Exage 400EXShimanoFD-A400Exage 400EX1990 - 1992
Shimano FD-M500, Exage 500LXShimanoFD-M500Exage 500LXLate 1980's - Early 1990's
Shimano FD-A351-B, Exage ActionShimanoFD-A351-BExage ActionLate 1980's - ?
Shimano FD-A250, Exage MotionShimanoFD-A250Exage Motion1989 - Early 1990's
Shimano FD-A451, Exage SportShimanoFD-A451-BExage Sport1988
Shimano FD-M350 / FD-M351, Exage TrailShimanoFD-M350 / FD-M351Exage TrailN/A
Shimano FD-A452, Sport LXShimanoFD-A452-BSport LX1988
Shimano HP-A450, Exage SportShimanoHP-A450-BExage Sport1988
Shimano FH-HG50, Exage 500EXShimanoFH-HG50Exage 300EXEarly 1990's
Shimano FH-HG50, Exage 500EXShimanoFH-HG50Exage 400EXEarly 1990's
Shimano FH-HG50, Exage 500EXShimanoFH-HG50Exage 500EXEarly 1990's
Shimano FH-HG50, Exage 500EXShimanoFH-HG50Exage 500LXEarly 1990's
Shimano FH-A450, Exage SportShimanoFH-A450Exage Sport1988
Shimano FH-A451, Exage SportShimanoFH-A451Exage SportEarly 1990's
Shimano HB-A450, Exage SportShimanoHB-A450-FExage Sport1988
Shimano PD-A450, Exage SportShimanoPD-A450-BExage Sport1988
Rear Derailleurs
Shimano RD-A300, 300EXShimanoRD-A300Exage 300EX1990 - 1999
Shimano RD-M300 GS, Exage 300LXShimanoRD-M300 GSExage 300LXLate 1980's - Early 1990's
Shimano RD-M300 SGS, Exage 300LXShimanoRD-M300 SGSExage 300LXLate 1980's - Early 1990's
Shimano RD-A500, Exage 500EXShimanoRD-A500Exage 500EX1990 - 1994
Shimano RD-A350, Exage ActionShimanoRD-A350Exage ActionLate 1980's
Shimano RD-A520, Exage MotionShimanoRD-A520Exage Motion1989
Shimano RD-A450, Exage SportShimanoRD-A450Exage Sport1988
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