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Mothers Alum and Mag Polish on Hubs
Example of Hub Polishing with Mothers Aluminum and Mag Polish
A little example of what a little bit of time, a good terry cloth rag and some aluminum polish can do to some hubs. Most of these are Campagnolo Record hubs which we all know had a very nice polish on them to start, but most of these had been sitting unused for the better part of 10-15 years. First post is the before shots, I'll put the after photos in the second post...

Campagnolo Record Front:

Shimano Exage Rear:

Campagnolo Record Rear:

And the after:

All polishing was done by hand (no power tool assist on the buffing) with a terry cloth rag, a little bit of simple green to break up the grease and grime, and then Mother's Aluminum Polish. Even the Shimano hub has a very nice clean polish to it now.
Time Required: Maybe 10-15mins each? Not really sure how long I was in there. Not too long though. Went through these steps:

1) Shot hub down with simple green and let sit for 10-20seconds before wiping down with paper towel to get loose grime off.

2) Using terry cloth rag rubbed aluminum polish over ends of hub, rubbing over area 3-4 times with light pressure

3) Buffed ends of hub to a clean polish with fresh area of terry cloth rag.

4) Applied poish to one half of the inner hub area, working in between the spokes and turning wheel to go between a new set of spokes as needed.

5) Buffed the polish off with fresh area of rag, turning wheel to get to other areas as needed.

6) Flipped wheel around and repeated 4 & 5 on the other side.

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