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The VeloBase History of Batavus
Batavus is a Dutch bicycle manufacturer which was founded in 1904 in the Netherlands. It is one of the old bicycle manufacturers with a good reputation in the country.

Below information is taken from the cached version (2013) of the brand's own website and translated to English. Most of this information can still be found on the official website of the brand with accompanying pictures but some of it is removed.

1904: the beginning
On Thursday, September 15, 1904, Andries Gaastra opens his shop for clockpieces and sewing machines. Two years later he expands the range with bikes from the German brand Presto ...

1913: delivered by horse and wagon
The first "Presto" bicycles imported by Batavus arrive with horse and wagon. In 1913, Mr Gaastra was given the exclusive right to sell Presto bicycles in the Netherlands ...

1917: Batavus women's bicycle
According to the price list of Batavus, the price of a bicycle is € 90, - on average.

1923: Batafus and Batavus
In the first years, Mr. Gaastra uses two brand names, Batafus and Batavus, side by side. Why is not clear, but both names are used as a brand name until 1923.

1929: 25th anniversary
The 25th anniversary is crowned with a photo of the management and the entire staff.

1930: pedal carriers
Bicycle sales are declining in the crisis years. That is why Batavus takes pedalcarriers into production. Later Batavus also comes with light and heavy motorcycles (150 cc).

1936: mopeds for men and women
In 1936 Batavus brings the first moped for both men and women on the market. There are no legal regulations for the moped, therefore ...

1945: a new factory
During the second world war the company comes to a standstill. After the war years, the demand for bicycles rises explosively. Batavus invests in a completely new machine park.

1956: modern factory
On 19 September 1956 the new Batavus factory is officially opened. Batavus then employs 350 people and at that time has the most modern machine park in the world.

1960: seven first prizes
What a team! At a Technical Competition in Paris, where all major moped manufacturers participated, Batavus won all seven first prizes in 1960.

1964: Batavus show truck
The Batavus Show truck is used to show the bikes and bikes throughout the country. Batavus is still coming to you now, with the Batavus Windmee days.

1965: Frame building
With this conveyor chain, the frames were transported by the factory more than 40 years ago to be stored.

1966: second stage victory in the Tour de France
Unforgettable! Gerben Karstens, who is part of the Televizier-Batavus team, is interviewed after his second stage victory in the Tour de France. The team wins a total of 5 stages.

1967: good paint quality
Batavus bikes are good in the paint. At the request of the hospitals, Batavus also paints damaged hospital beds. The material of a hospital bed ....

1971: cycling, cycling and cycling again
The sales of bicycles are growing and the business complex grows to 25,000 m2. Batavus takes over the brands Magnet, Phoenix, Fongers and Germaan and belongs ....

1975: a golden plaque
Tineke Fopma is part of the Batavus amateur cycling team. In this year she was very successful. She won a gold spot at the Mettet World Championships.

1978: Tourclub Batavus
The Tourclub Batavus started as a staff club for test driving of the new Batavus models. Now the club is an independent and fully-fledged bicycle club with ...

1979: Batavus Cycling Team
Batavus breaks through on sports. The amateur cycling team of Batavus dominates the scene of Dutch competitions with toppers like Piet Hoekstra and Egbert Koersen.

1982: museum
For years, Batavus had a special museum with a unique collection of historical means of transport. The collection consisted of ...

1984: 5 millionth bike!
Many millions of bikes have been rolled off the belt. In August, the Queen's Commissioner Hans Wiegel assembled the 5-millionth bike. Time for a modest party. The...

1985: Dutch Champion
Peter Harings was part of the Batavus-Gonso team. 1985 was a top year for him. He became Dutch Champion on the road and in cyclo-cross.

1986: Batavus and Atag
Batavus becomes part of the Atag group. This is a period of steady growth.

1988: 1988 - 1996: Award-winning inventions
The own Research and Development department does everything to perfect the bike. This results in various inventions, which are repeatedly awarded ...

1989: Supplier of the Year
In 1989 and 1991 Batavus becomes "Supplier of the Year". The jury awards this prestigious award on the basis of the high-quality range, the ....

1990: title "Bike of the Year"
The sporting Batavus Allure is voted "Bike of the Year". In 1994, Batavus managed to win this prize again; this time for the Batavus Comanche. Reason enough for ...

1991: world champion on the road
World titles and Olympic medals are achieved with Batavus bicycles in the period from 1986 to 1992. Batavus is official sponsor of the KNWU and that has no ...

1993: main sponsor SC Heerenveen
Batavus becomes the main sponsor of soccer club SC Heerenveen. Now Batavus is an official business partner and the Heerenveen football club is still supported.

1995: Golden Award for the Madison
Batavus is once again in the prizes. The Madison, the new concept bike model, derived from the Maximum Double Orange, is awarded the Golden Award.

1997: The Netherlands on a bicycle of the business
Batavus develops the Dutch Business Cycle Plan. A big success. More and more employees are cycling. The initiative is supported and applauded by the government.

1998: the push in the back
Batavus comes first with an electric bicycle concept: the E-GO. The name stands for Easy-Going; the push in the back with all the comforts of ...

2000: TheftPreventionChip
Batavus introduces bikes that are equipped with a "Theft Prevention Chip" to prevent bicycle theft. The initiative is later taken over by the entire industry. The...

2001: Batavus wins three titles
Batavus wins three different titles. "Children's Bicycle of the Year" with the Snake, "Holiday Bike of the Year" with the Socorro and "Bike of the Year" with the Batavus M'Pact.

2003: Batavus Logic Light
The Batavus Logic Light was nominated for the Friesche Vormgevingsprijs 2003. The jury gave the Logic Light an honorable mention. The Batavus Logic Light is a halogen headlight ...

2004: 100 years of Batavus quality
Batavus celebrates its 100th anniversary! A good reason to release two top-class world-class bikes. The Batavus Centennial Limited Edition is made in limited edition ...

2005: Special Award
The Batavus X-light Sports and New Classic have made it a nomination for Bicycle of the Year. The New Classic receives a Special Award. The Batavus Chameleon was elected to ...

2006: TRING! Largest bicycle magazine in the Netherlands
Lifestyl magazine Tring! put cycling enthusiasts in motion. There is a lot to experience on the bike. HUB Uitgevers inspires this observation ....

2007: Batavus Adagio NuVinci "Bike of the year 2007"
The Adagio NuVinci of Batavus has been chosen as "Bike of the Year 2007". The model is characterized by special design and luxury, and features the revolutionary ...

2009: Batavus BUB successful
Batavus launches the Batavus Utility Bike (BUB). This unique concept has already won several awards. In 2009 the BUB received a GIO recognition and in 2010 ...

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