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The VeloBase History of Schürmann

Fritz Schürmann, a varnisher for bicycle frames, founded the Schürmann factory 1929 in Bielefeld (West-Germany). [The core piece of his production at that time was a self-built varnishing furnace.)
Already one year later, in 1930, Schürmann bought rims and fenders from other manufacturers and let them
get varnished in subcontract work.
Together with his two sons Werner and Kurt, Schürmann acquired a former (bike?)frame factory in 1935 and started his own rim production.
In the 1940s, the two sons finally took over full responsibility for the company: Kurt Schürmann was in charge of the commercial business, while Werner Schürmann became responsible for the technical area.
After 1945 they made huge investments and the number of employees increased constantly. At this time their production focuesd on fenders and chrome-plated rims for bicycles, mopeds and motorcycles.
When the factory in Bielefeld became too small, a new one was built in 1964 in a neighbor city of Bielefeld, called Leopoldshöhe. At this time the customer base consists of almost all German bicycle manufacturers and wholesalers.
New electroplating and production lines were created and the sites and production areas in Leopoldshöhe were expanded consistently, and required finally another full move to new built factory halls - still located Leopoldshöhe.
For the 50th anniversary of the company in 1979, the 100 millionth wheel rim and the 25 millionth fender set were produced. One year later the aluminum rim was included in the production program, which meant that new customers could now be won abroad as well.
After the death of Werner and Kurt Schürmann in 1987, the father's son, Walter Goldbecker, who had been engaged in the company since 1981, took over management. Angelika Hunger-Schlesier, daughter of Werner Schürmann, also joined the company in the same year.

[* source: *translation: Tombo, Munich]

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