Campagnolo 8sp
Short Name:Campagnolo 8spYear Introduced:1992
Speed Range:8spIndexed Component:Shifting Brake Lever
General Information
Once again Campagnolo was beat to market by Shimano with a new era in shifting system technology.  The integration of the shifters with the brake levers in Shimano's STI system was an obvious huge step forward over downtube and barend shifters.  Campagnolo did come to market with one feature that Shimano did not have: both the brake and shift cables were aero routed under the handlebar tape.  With the introduction of 8sp Syncro and ErgoPower shifters as well as 8sp specific Rear Derailleurs Campagnolo finally stepped away from it's attempt to make its shifting systems backwards compatible with older derailleurs.  Center-to-center cog spacing is 5.0mm. 
Shifter Information
New generation 8speed Syncro shifters as well as the all new ErgoPower Integrated Shifting / Brake Lever are paired to 8sp Campagnolo rear derailleurs only. 
Shifting System Component Variations
NameCategoryGearingYear Introduced
8sp Campagnolo SyncroShifters8sp1992
8sp CampagnoloRear Derailleurs8sp1992
8sp Campagnolo ErgoShifting Brake Levers8sp1993
Component List
Generally in Indexed systems, either the shifting or the derailleur component contains the indexing logic. Here is a list of components currently on which utilize the Campagnolo 8sp shifting mechanism.
Component NameModelGroupCompatibility
Campagnolo BS-02IC CG, Icarus (bullet shifters)BS-02IC CGIcarus8sp Campagnolo Syncro
Campagnolo C-Record Retro-Friction (2nd Gen.)A271-2C-Record8sp Campagnolo Syncro; Retro-Friction
Campagnolo Q222, CentaurQ222Centaur8sp Campagnolo Syncro; Friction
Campagnolo Record 8-Speed, RecordRecord 8-Speed Bar End ShifterRecord8sp Campagnolo Syncro
Campagnolo SL-01RE CG, RecordSL-01RE CGRecord8sp Campagnolo Syncro
Campagnolo SL-01SVL CG, VeloceSL-01SVL CGVeloce8sp Campagnolo Syncro
Campagnolo SL-02BE CGSL-02BE CGIcarus8sp Campagnolo Syncro; Friction
Campagnolo Syncro II, C-RecordSyncroC-Record8sp Campagnolo Syncro; 6sp Campagnolo Syncro II; 7sp Campagnolo Syncro II; Friction
Campagnolo Syncro II, C-Record (Graphite finish)SyncroC-Record8sp Campagnolo Syncro; Friction
Shifting Brake Levers
Campagnolo AthenaAthena8sp Campagnolo Ergo
Campagnolo Chorus Carbon Ergo shifters8sp Campagnolo Ergo
Campagnolo EC-02RE CG, RecordEC-02RE CGRecord8sp Campagnolo Ergo
Campagnolo EC-02VL CG, VeloceEC-02VL CGVeloce8sp Campagnolo Ergo
Campagnolo EC-12RE CG, RecordEC-12RE CGRecord8sp Campagnolo Ergo
Campagnolo EC-22RE CG, Record CarbonEC-22RE CGRecord8sp Campagnolo Ergo
Campagnolo Record Titanium, Carbon BB-SystemRecord8sp Campagnolo Ergo
Campagnolo Record, Carbon BB-SystemRecord8sp Campagnolo Ergo
Campagnolo Veloce (96 - 97)Veloce8sp Campagnolo Ergo
Modolo MorphosMorphos8sp Campagnolo Ergo; 8sp Shimano STI
Sachs ErgoPower, New SuccessErgoPowerNew Success8sp Campagnolo Ergo
Rear Derailleurs
Campagnolo Athena RS RD-01ATAthena RS RD-01ATAthena8sp Campagnolo
Campagnolo RD-01CH, ChorusRD-01CHChorus8sp Campagnolo; Friction
Campagnolo RD-01RE, RecordRD-01RERecord8sp Campagnolo; Friction
Campagnolo RD-01VL, VeloceRD-01VLVeloce8sp Campagnolo; Friction
Campagnolo RD-02CE CentaurRD-02CECentaur8sp Campagnolo; Friction
Campagnolo RD-03CE, Centaur (Century Gray)RD-03CECentaur8sp Campagnolo; Friction
Campagnolo RD-11AT, AthenaRD-11ATAthena8sp Campagnolo; Friction
Campagnolo RD-11AV, AvantiRD-11AVAvanti8sp Campagnolo; Friction
Campagnolo RD-11RE, RecordRD-11RERecord8sp Campagnolo
Campagnolo RD-12OR, Record OR (Medium Cage)RD-12ORRecord OR8sp Campagnolo; Friction
Campagnolo RD-13IC, Icarus (long cage)RD-13ICIcarus8sp Campagnolo; Friction
Campagnolo RD-13OR, Record OR (Long Cage)RD-13ORRecord OR8sp Campagnolo; Friction
Campagnolo RD-21RE, RecordRD-21RERecord8sp Campagnolo
Campagnolo RD-31AT, AthenaRD-31ATAthena8sp Campagnolo
Campagnolo RD-31CH, ChorusRD-31CHChorus (Late 90's)8sp Campagnolo
Campagnolo RD-31RE, Record (1995-1997)RD-31RERecord8sp Campagnolo; Friction
Campagnolo RD-31VL3, Veloce (long cage)RD-31VLVeloce8sp Campagnolo; Friction
Campagnolo Record (1991)Record8sp Campagnolo; Friction
Campagnolo Record Titanium 8-speed (1996)RD 08 RERecord 8-speed8sp Campagnolo
Campagnolo ThemisThemis8sp Campagnolo
DNP Epoch 2M12708sp Campagnolo
Ofmega Vantage IndexVantage8sp Campagnolo
Sachs New Success (3d version)RD RNS 00New Success8sp Campagnolo; Friction
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