Pastali Rim Cement
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Photo Credit: VeloBase User Wolfram Verktyg
Name: Pastali Rim Cement
Brand: Pastali
Category: Adhesive
Country: France
Years: 1970s to present
Added By: Wolfram Verktyg on 07/31/09
Updated By: Wolfram Verktyg on 07/31/09
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General Information
I lived in New Mexico, USA in the 1970s (lots of hot weather and steep mountain roads). The two most readily available brands of rim cement in our area were Tubasti and Clement. A lot of people liked the red Clement rim cement but it was messy and would ooze out and spread all over the breaking area of the rims when they got hot from down hill braking.

Tubasti was a little more resistant to heat than Clement and (subjective opinion) had slightly better adhesion but it seemed to dry out on the rim in a short period of time. Like Clement, Tubasti required reapplication when you changed a tire because there was very little residual adhesion. This was a problem if you had to change a flat on the road.

We discovered Pastali rim cement around 1975 and used it exclusively at our shop. We even started importing it ourselves. I've never had Pastali soften coming down mountain switchback roads in the Southwest summer heat. It remained tacky for a long time so you could change a tire and continue riding without fear of it coming off. Last fall I removed the tires from 3 old sets of wheels that had been last glued in the late 1970s. The Pastali still held strong for all those years and on several of the wheels was still tacky enough to hold in an emergency.

Pastali is being sold in a new tube. I'm trying some now but it has a different adhesive formulation. So I'll have to see how it well it works.

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