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North Korea missile parts linked to Ukraine ?Posted: 11/17/17 05:59 AM

A series of provocative missile tests has already shown the US territory of Guam, home to a military base, to be credibly within range of Pyongyang’s latest rockets. Such advances stand against a patchy record. The dictatorship’s previous efforts to develop its own Musadan rocket into a viable long-range ICBM — including a number of tests last year  have almost all failed. The astounding strides that Pyongyang has made can only be explained by assuming the country gained access to foreign technology, a new comprehensive analysis of North Korea’s missile-test footage and data concludes.

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Is Paris Burning?Posted: 11/15/17 11:51 PM

There was no immediate claim of responsibility for the series of attacks. Hollande, in a televised address, said the nation would stand firm and united against the attackers. "This is a terrible ordeal that again assails us," he said. "We know where it comes from, who these criminals are, who these terrorists are." U.S. President Barack Obama, speaking to reporters in Washington, called the attacks on Paris "outrageous attempt to terrorize innocent civilians" and vowed to do whatever it takes to help bring the perpetrators to justice. Later Friday, automatic gunfire and blasts could be heard from the concert hall, and police officials confirmed that security forces had launched an assault there.

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Can Chrome compete with other browsers?Posted: 11/14/17 02:25 AM

How good of a browser do you think chrome is? I personally love using it, as its pretty fast and most of the bugs have been already worked out. I know hardly anyone uses it (less than 1% I think), but does anyone here use it as their main browser?

I didn't find the right solution from the internet.


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Auction Bicycles from the Embacher CollectionPosted: 05/15/15 05:42 AM

Auction of more than 200 vintage bikes from the collection of Michael Embacher. 19 May 2015, Dorotheum Vienna.

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Photo uploads brokenPosted: 12/26/14 01:20 PM
A recent sever update seems to have broken photo uploads. I hope to have a chance to fix the issue soon. Thank you for your patience. 
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Recent & Future VeloBase DevelopmentPosted: 07/17/12 06:38 PM
As some regulars may have noticed, there has not been a lot of development as of late here at  It certainly hasn't been due to the lack of need to complete some outstanding projects (Marketplace, Bicycles & Frames, etc).  However, as is all too often the case, 'real life' has gotten in the way in the last several months and I have just been too tired at the end of the day to put much effort or thought into getting work done here.  As many of you know, I am a software developer in my day job as well, and been fighting a major case of the burned out blues when it comes to more development than what my job requires.  

The good news is, I think I'm finally coming out of the funk a little bit, or at least going to make some effort to get out of the funk by rediscovering my enjoyment of working on the website here and making those long needed improvements.  Right now I'm fighting a bit with the web host over some email issues and have been making a few minor deploys in the last week or so to try to nail down the cause of those.  During which a few 'starts' to some of the Marketplace changes were deployed as well, resulting in what I know are more than a few broken links.  Thankfully it's only a few pages that those links are visible on, so I'm just going to push forward to try to get those fixed rather than trying to roll back that change.

I can't promise how long this new push for development is going to last.  Honestly, the way work has been lately, I often don't know from day to day what my mood is going to be at the end of the work day.  But I'm going to make the effort to at least get the Marketplace to a more stable state so that it can be more useful and thus hopefully more often used.  

Join Discussion on this Announcement (1 replies) Version 2.7.8 Release NotesPosted: 07/18/12 10:53 AM
Kicking off Version 2.7.8 development.  I've created a new menu system for when users are in the Marketplace Account pages which improve navigation.  Not all of the links filter the resulting page correctly just yet, but all the links should land you on a valid page at this time.  In other words, I don't think I've broken anything and fixed anything I broke with the last deploy yesterday.  If you have not read the ' Recent and Future Development.' thread, I welcome you to do so to catch up with recent events around here.  

1) Created VeloBaseMarketMaster Masterpage for pages within the Marketplace system.

2) Fixed broken links in the MarketMaster that was deployed yesterday.

3) Created the FeedbackHistory page for viewing either recent or all history.  Currently only hooked up via the new Master Page (aka the left hand navigation menu) for the current user's Feedback information.  Eventually will link in from the Marketplace Profile page as well.

4) Added more testing and logging for ongoing email issues.

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Broken Collar BonePosted: 09/25/12 04:31 AM
On 9/20 I took a spill from my Schwinn Crosscut and broke my collar bone.  Friday I will be undergoing surgery to fix said collar bone.  Email response time and such will likely be a bit longer than usual for a few weeks while I recover.  I will try to get to everyone when I am able to.  Thank you.
Join Discussion on this Announcement (5 replies) Marketplace: 2.7.7 Release NotesPosted: 01/26/12 11:44 AM
A new release today, and finally after 12 revisions of 2.7.6, enough of a shift of direction and focus that I've upped the version number.

Most of the changes are around the Points system.  I've basically simplified it, but the requirements for account upgrades remain the same.  Gone are the 'Seniority Points' that you got for just having an account.  So the only points you get are from contributing to the website.  Your MyBase page will now show your points, the points you need for your upgrade, and amount of time needed if needed.

As a reminder, you need 5 days and 1 point to upgrade from User to Vintage User, and from Vintage User to Certified Vintage requires 15pts and at least 30 days.

Join Discussion on this Announcement (8 replies) Marketplace: 2.7.6 Release NotesPosted: 11/07/11 07:29 AM
Update 11/9/11: The Marketplace is now open.  Vintage User members can now post their items for sale.  Remember, all listings are completely free through the next 2-3 months while the Marketplace is in Beta.

As some may have noticed there is now a Marketplace menu item in the top bar of the website.  In the coming weeks I will be rolling out the new Marketplace feature which will allow users to Buy, Sell and Trade items with one another.  Right now, most features are hidden from users while I conduct the first round of live testing to ensure that all of the data structures and new code are functioning correctly.  Once I am satisfied that the new system is operational, I will start opening up features to users.  I will outline the general development plan which should unfold in the next few months.

Beta Phase I (2 - 5 days):
- Admin level testing of core features: Listings, Photos, Transaction, Feedback for For-Sale functionality.

Beta Phase II (4-6 weeks):
- (NOW ON-GOING) Open Beta for Users of  Vintage User status members will be able to post unlimited Listings to the Marketplace.  All members will be able to buy these items listed For Sale.
- Transaction List improvements - amount/shipping/etc. DONE
- Development of 'Offer' for For-Sale, Want to Buy, and Trade Listings. Done
- Completion of Want to Buy and Trade functionality and release into Beta.Done
- Marketplace Listing link to VeloBase Collection.
- Marketplace Listing of Frames, Tools, Frameparts, etc Done

Beta Phase III (4-6 weeks):
- Marketplace Listing Search. Done
- Marketplace Search from VeloBase Collection.
- Marketplace Email Notification development. Done
- Marketplace Free-Listing development (TBD - will be giving some one-time and/or monthly/yearly free listings at the end of Beta test)
- Marketplace Fee payment development (TBD - will be flat-rate, no % of value fees)

Marketplace Full Release
- End of Beta Testing.  Full Marketplace Functionality.

Feedback in this thread is welcome!

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