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Country:FrancePrimary Focus:Bicycle Frames
Years of Operation:1915 - 1945
General Information
 Gnome & Rhône is a well known french manufacturer of airplane engines and motor cycles. After world war II they built a bicycle from duralumin as a side business. These bicycles seemed to be produced even some years after the consolidation into S.N.E.C.M.A. under the brand Gnome & Rhône.
 1905: “Société des Moteurs Gnome” engine company is founded in Gennevilliers by the Seguin brothers, who will soon start development of the first         rotary engine.
1912: Louis Verdet founds his engine company, “Société des Moteurs Le Rhône”.
1915: Gnome and Le Rhône merge to create the "Société des Moteurs Gnome & Rhône".
1945: French engine manufacturers are consolidated and nationalized under a new name: S.N.E.C.M.A. (Société Nationale d’Etudes et Construction de Moteurs d’Aviation).
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