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Bottom Brackets
Galli Sport roller bearingGalliSportLate 1970's - 1980's
Brake Levers
GalliGalli N/A
Galli non-aero (dark anodized)Galli N/A
Galli GG 76GalliGG 76 1970's
Galli GG 80GalliGG 80 1980's
Galli ProfessionalGalliProfessional N/A
Galli Super SportGalliSuper Sport N/A
Galli Aerodynamic KLGalliAerodynamic KLN/A
Galli Criterium (drilled)GalliCriteriumN/A
GalliGalli N/A
Galli cantileverGalli N/A
Galli G88-SGalli N/A
Galli CrossGalliCross N/A
Galli GG76GalliGG76 N/A
Galli GG80GalliGG80 N/A
Galli Aerodynamic KLGalliAerodynamic KLN/A
Galli CriteriumGalliCriteriumN/A
Galli Super CriteriumGalliCriteriumCriteriumN/A
GalliGalli N/A
Galli (larger flutes in spider)Galli N/A
Galli (slotted spider)Galli Early 1970's - ?
Galli (Stronglight)Galli N/A
Galli Criterium (smaller flutes in spider)GalliCriteriumN/A
Galli Sport (later logo)GalliSportSport1980's
Front Derailleurs
Galli KL (gold anodized clamp)Galli 1970's - ?
Galli Aerodynamic KLGalliAerodynamic KLN/A
Galli Criterium (type 1)GalliCriteriumCriteriumN/A
Galli Criterium (type 2)GalliCriteriumCriteriumN/A
Galli SportGalliSport1980's
Galli - StronglightGalli Mid 1980's - Late 1980's
Galli Super Sport (steel - record copy)GalliSuper Sport N/A
Galli (high flange, GALLI skewer)Galli N/A
Galli (low flange, GALLI skewer)Galli N/A
Galli (low flange, GG skewer)Galli N/A
Galli Maillard (high flange, pista)Galli N/A
Galli Maillard (low flange)Galli N/A
Galli by Sachs Maillard, New SuccessGalliNew Success N/A
Galli (black quill)Galli N/A
Galli (silver quill)Galli N/A
Galli Maillard 700Galli N/A
Galli Maillard CxC 700Galli N/A
Rear Derailleurs
Galli Aerodynamic KL (black)GalliAerodynamic KLN/A
Galli Aerodynamic KL (black/silver)GalliAerodynamic KLN/A
Galli CriteriumGalliCriterium1980's
Galli CriteriumGalliCriterium N/A
Galli GiroGalliGiro Early 1980's - ?
Galli Paris-RoubaixGalliParis-Roubaix Early 1980's - Late 1980's
Galli Top CritGalliTop Crit N/A
Galli VueltaGalliVuelta N/A
Galli SportGalliSportSportN/A
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