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20 Newest Components AddedRSS
Item NameCategoryAdded On
FiR (sidepull)Brakes07/25/2017 10:34 AM
Weinmann AG CP (type 3)Brakes07/24/2017 04:25 PM
Weinmann AG CP (type 2)Brakes07/24/2017 04:24 PM
Bowden Touriste SupersportBrakes07/23/2017 05:09 PM
Bowden Touriste Confort 1/2 BallonBrakes07/23/2017 05:00 PM
Brampton ContinentalHeadsets07/22/2017 08:21 AM
Zeus 2000 track titanium (earlier model)Pedals07/20/2017 03:49 PM
SunTour RD-2200, VxRear Derailleurs07/18/2017 03:52 AM
GB (alloy, with scalloped red ferrule)Handlebars07/17/2017 05:57 PM
Zeus New Racer (metal knuckles)Rear Derailleurs07/15/2017 07:48 PM
Altenburger (7 speed cassette)Hubs07/10/2017 12:59 PM
SimplexBrakes06/21/2017 11:44 PM
Ambrosio F.A.T.Stems06/15/2017 04:33 PM
REG water bottle cage (steel, quick release, frame mount)Small Parts & Accessories06/14/2017 07:20 PM
REG water bottle cage (steel, quick release, handlebar mount)Small Parts & Accessories06/14/2017 07:12 PM
Astros SuperStems06/07/2017 03:46 PM
AstrosStems06/07/2017 03:42 PM
GhiaroniHeadsets06/07/2017 03:06 PM
3ttt UnionStems06/07/2017 06:43 AM
BertolaBrake Levers06/04/2017 04:00 PM
20 Newest Components UpdatedRSS
Item NameCategoryLast Updated On
Mavic 610 SeriesBottom Brackets07/26/2017 11:50 PM
FiR La Nuova DimensioneBrakes07/25/2017 11:18 AM
Weinmann AG CP (type 1)Brakes07/24/2017 04:23 PM
Bowden TouristeBrakes07/23/2017 05:14 PM
Bowden Touriste SportBrakes07/23/2017 05:08 PM
Campagnolo 1044, RecordSeat Posts07/23/2017 03:06 PM
Campagnolo Seatpost Binder BoltSmall Parts & Accessories07/21/2017 10:31 AM
Zeus 2000 track titanium (earlier model)Pedals07/20/2017 03:51 PM
Zeus 2000 strada titanium (earlier model)Pedals07/20/2017 03:46 PM
Zeus 2000 strada titanium (later model)Pedals07/20/2017 03:45 PM
Zeus 2000 track titanium (later model)Pedals07/20/2017 03:45 PM
Sugino Super Mighty CompetitionCranksets07/18/2017 07:58 PM
Cinelli 1A (early version)Stems07/18/2017 12:44 PM
Gipiemme CronosprintSeat Posts07/18/2017 10:11 AM
SunTour Vx S, RD-2500Rear Derailleurs07/18/2017 03:55 AM
SunTour Vx-TRear Derailleurs07/18/2017 03:46 AM
GB VentouxHandlebars07/17/2017 05:59 PM
Zeus New Racer (plastic knuckles)Rear Derailleurs07/15/2017 07:52 PM
Zeus New Racer (metal knuckles)Rear Derailleurs07/15/2017 07:51 PM
MAFAC LSXBrakes07/14/2017 11:06 PM
10 Newest Brands Added/Updated
Brand NameCountryAdded/Updated ByAdded/Updated On
RovalFrancepeterbman07/05/2017 02:13 PM
G. BlassieauxFrancepeterbman06/17/2017 03:40 PM
GhiaroniItalypeterbman06/07/2017 03:06 PM
BertolaArgentinapeterbman06/04/2017 03:33 PM
AmbrosioItalypeterbman05/24/2017 11:19 PM
3ttt (Tecno Tubo Torino)Italypeterbman05/24/2017 11:17 PM
SMGFrancepeterbman05/21/2017 11:06 PM
PistoraFrancepeterbman05/20/2017 12:48 PM
ModoloItalyTombo05/14/2017 04:22 PM
FuniculoFrancepeterbman05/10/2017 12:48 AM
10 Newest Component Comments Added
Commented ItemUserAdded On
Mavic 610 SeriesMGTS07/26/2017 11:50 PM
I believe the lockrings are magnesium
Campagnolo Euclid (Short Cage)chester200007/26/2017 02:56 PM
The 1992 off-road catalog lists maximum cog size as 30 for the Icarus short cage RD, and 32 for the Icarus and Centaur medium and long cage. Total capacity is 32 for short cage, 38 for medium, and 44 for long. Euclid, Centaur, and Icarus derailleurs look identical to me. I'd expect them all to have the same capacity.
Shimano FH-M737, Deore XT M737txirrindulari07/26/2017 01:03 AM
Core 30P 9804 seems to be compatible with Deore LX FH-M563. Also FH-M732, FH-M560, FH-MC30
3ttt Record Olympicjwest1707/24/2017 11:12 PM
Very good post and picture. This model is from 1984 Olympic era. This stem is unusual and I could not even find it on the 3TTT museum. I actually owned the original 3ttt "break away" stem, circa 1981. Design is exactly same as the Olympic pictured here. But, the original stem had a plastic stem cap and straight front plastic name strip with old-style logo. First stem able to completely open up and one could switch handlebar sets without re-taping, similar to the Cinelli Oyster which was hinged.
Campagnolo Gran Sport Rear DropoutMkcyclist07/24/2017 10:05 AM
Notice the derailleur stop on the dropout, it is at the 4 o'clock position. This is indeed first version, the 7 o'clock position was introduced the following year. There is a very rare version of the Gran Sport derailleur, that has an adjusting screw to tension the chain against the stop.
Shimano BL-A251 Exage Motioneom07/23/2017 03:58 PM
Has built in release.
GB Maes (alloy, no ferrule)1989Pre07/22/2017 07:59 AM
I have a set without the wreaths: Only GB-British Made at the ends of the bars. 40cm c-c with short flat section on top. Very thick, strong aluminum with no give. Good sprinters bars.
Mavic OR 10CV-607/19/2017 12:28 PM
Mine both weighed in right at 330 grams, so as with most rims, weights vary from spec.
Shimano BL-6401, 600EX Ultegralavielemond07/19/2017 11:34 AM
The second photo of these brake levers clearly shows "SUPER SLR" stamped in silver upon the black triangular decal that sits upon the outside of each brake lever. The SUPER SLR was actually the 3rd & final iteration of the 600 Ultegra "tricolour" series of brake levers, the BL-7403, while the BL-7402 featured a simple SLR decal upon it & I don't recall the BL-6401 having any such decal upon it.
Campagnolo 3320, Gran Sportchester200007/18/2017 07:19 PM
The 1982 "Olympic" catalog shows the GS crank with a 5 arm spider, so the 3 arm pictured above was phased out at least by 1981. There was also a triple version of the 5 arm GS crank. It used the same 35-43 and 50-53 rings as the double with a half step combination on the inner/mid rings rather than the more common middle/outer with granny inner.

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