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Item NameCategoryAdded On
Brooks B33 (double sprung) - 1970s versionSaddles11/15/2018 09:46 AM
CompagnucciBrakes11/13/2018 05:26 PM
CompagnucciBrake Levers11/13/2018 05:12 PM
Compagnucci CompagnucciBrake Levers11/13/2018 04:18 PM
Sup Jam MondialRear Derailleurs11/13/2018 01:40 PM
Sup Jam SportShifters11/13/2018 01:29 PM
3ttt Competizione TdFHandlebars11/04/2018 04:20 PM
Cycle Pro T230Tires11/03/2018 01:53 PM
Huret (Luxe?) AeroShifters10/29/2018 02:43 PM
Shimano SL-6321, 600 AX (Brazed-on B Typ for oval tubes)Shifters10/27/2018 04:26 PM
Cinelli Spinaci LightSmall Parts & Accessories10/25/2018 06:28 AM
SunTour FD-2700, MounTech v2Front Derailleurs10/22/2018 07:21 AM
Campagnolo BORA 26" 1ST GENERATIONWheel(sets)10/16/2018 02:02 PM
Dura-Ace 7700Chainrings10/16/2018 05:59 AM
Dura Ace GA-100Cranksets10/09/2018 05:27 PM
Fichtel & Sachs, F&S chain guideSmall Parts & Accessories10/07/2018 05:15 PM
Sachs Huret Rival SportCranksets10/06/2018 11:19 AM
Campagnolo Avanti Brake, AvantiBrakes10/04/2018 11:03 PM
Shimano FH-5501, 105 5500 SeriesHubs10/03/2018 01:30 PM
Gipiemme BagarreRear Derailleurs09/29/2018 02:20 AM
20 Newest Components UpdatedRSS
Item NameCategoryLast Updated On
Brooks B33 (double sprung) - 1970s versionSaddles11/15/2018 12:50 PM
Sup Jam SportShifters11/13/2018 02:10 PM
Sup Jam MondialRear Derailleurs11/13/2018 02:01 PM
Sachs-Maillard Rival 7000Hubs11/11/2018 10:52 AM
Sachs Galaxie rear drum brakeHubs11/10/2018 12:06 PM
Galli (Galli Approved)Shifters11/09/2018 04:11 PM
Sachs Huret ARIS New Success (type 1)Shifters11/09/2018 04:06 PM
Sachs Huret Rival Aris Classic 3000Shifters11/09/2018 04:04 PM
Sachs Huret ARIS ClassicShifters11/09/2018 04:01 PM
Sachs Huret ARIS New Success (type 2)Shifters11/09/2018 03:59 PM
Sachs Huret ARIS New Success (type 1)Shifters11/09/2018 03:57 PM
Huret Dural CompetitionRear Derailleurs11/09/2018 03:50 PM
3ttt Competizione TdFHandlebars11/06/2018 01:08 AM
Campagnolo Avanti Brake, AvantiBrakes11/05/2018 07:30 PM
Cycle Pro T230Tires11/03/2018 02:10 PM
3ttt Aertech (RSAERO)Seat Posts10/28/2018 12:56 PM
3ttt Record 84 (AR84 silver)Stems10/28/2018 12:48 PM
3ttt MutantStems10/28/2018 04:21 AM
3ttt CriteriumStems10/28/2018 04:21 AM
Shimano FC-6206, 600EX (triple version of 6207)Cranksets10/27/2018 04:53 PM
10 Newest Brands Added/Updated
Brand NameCountryAdded/Updated ByAdded/Updated On
EdcoSwitzerlandpeterbman11/16/2018 12:55 PM
CompagnucciItalyPortfolio36011/13/2018 03:57 PM
Sup JamArgentinapeterbman11/13/2018 01:28 PM
Sachs Maillard Rival 7000yipiemme11/10/2018 10:43 AM
CampagnoloItalySlider7411/05/2018 07:31 PM
3ttt (Tecno Tubo Torino)ItalyPortfolio36011/03/2018 11:12 PM
A'ME ManufacturingUnited Statespeterbman10/17/2018 09:41 PM
ShimanoJapanPortfolio36010/09/2018 05:27 PM
Fichtel & SachsGermanyPedro10/07/2018 05:15 PM
The Villiers CompanyEngland1989Pre10/02/2018 01:31 PM
10 Newest Component Comments Added
Commented ItemUserAdded On
Sakae/Ringyo (SR) OvaltechElmermaple11/16/2018 12:29 PM
I have a 52 tooth, 130mm BCD version of this SR ring which is stamped "SR 212" and "SAKAE "250" 52". It also has a little triangular stamping on the inboard side indicating correct orientation with the arm.
Campagnolo Nuovo Record 0104007 (1982 - 1987, 3-hole standard band)RRR8211/15/2018 02:29 PM
Hi HausMusiq83, can't believe no-one has clarified/corrected your thoughts. The SR front mech. was 1052/SR with black anodised aluminium moving arm -NOT plastic as you suspect. It also had Ti limit screws. All this comes from this site's listing. Hope this helps.
Wrights W3Nabuhugh11/15/2018 01:14 PM
Despite the Wrights branding, the W3N is actually a Brooks product, produced after Wrights had been absorbed into the Brooks/Raleigh/Sturmey Archer etc. empire. It seems to have been their 'third tier' quality saddle with thinner leather, although this seems to have been quite variable (I have two NOS examples, both date-stamped 1978, one weighing 477g, the other 525g, the latter having visibly thicker leather). The W3N is very similar to Brooks own B5N model but the B5N has the edge on quality with better quality leather. The W3N, B5N and the much better known B17N - the narrow version of Brooks's most famous saddle - all share the same underframe and dimensions and were all available simultaneously in the early 1970's (Brooks Trade Price List 1971). Was the W3N actually a retail product or was it made as original equipment for lower end Raleigh bikes and only sold bundled with new machines?
Campagnolo CobaltoKenhawkeye11/11/2018 08:51 AM
I have an early set with white wheel guides and white adjuster
Sachs-Maillard Rival 7000yipiemme11/10/2018 10:46 AM
Hub says "Sachs Maillard Rival 7000" not "Sachs Huret .."
Cyclo Rosastedeu11/09/2018 07:23 AM
Thread for fixing chainrings to crank is m5x0.75
Nervar Star (later version)stedeu11/09/2018 06:26 AM
I have a Wolhauser bike from 1970 (original invoice) with this crankset. So they are at least from 1970
Sakae/Ringyo (SR) C-87John Sinclair11/08/2018 09:28 PM
C-87 is a date code for March-1987. The Model for this handlebar is "CT". Sakae also made "CT" seatposts. The Name should be "CT".
Shimano FC-7400, Dura-AceOfajen11/08/2018 07:47 AM
Retrogrouch731, that is exactly as expected for the different spindle tapers. Campy will be ISO, while this particular Dura-Ace is JIS. The JIS crank will go farther onto the ISO spindle, while the ISO crank stands farther out on a JIS spindle. In either case, the chain line will move several millimeters. 
CLB GL 47-60 (CLB inset over centerbolt; earlier version with alloy quick release)longrider11/07/2018 01:24 PM
Finishing is patchy, but at 142g they’re surprisingly light in weight, which made them popular with French volume builders, including Mercier and Peugeot (who badged them accordingly).

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