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Component NameBrandModelGroupYears 
Mafac / ACSACS Mid 1980's - ?
Altenburger Brillant (recessed lettering)Altenburger N/A
Altenburger Brillant (script lettering)Altenburger N/A
Altenburger CentrepullAltenburger N/A
Altenburger Synchron ("Altenburger Synchron" in twin globe logo)Altenburger N/A
Altenburger Synchron ("Synchron" in twin globe logo)Altenburger N/A
Altenburger ConcordeAltenburgerConcorde Early 1960's - Mid 1980's
Altenburger Concorde (twin globe label)AltenburgerConcorde N/A
Altenburger Mod. 1 47-72AltenburgerMod. 1 47-72 N/A
Altenburger RI 45-68AltenburgerRI N/A
Altenburger RI/80AltenburgerRI/80 1980's
Arai Drum Brake (black later version)Arai N/A
Arai Drum Brake (red/black earlier version)Arai N/A
Arai Drum Brake (red/blue later version)Arai N/A
Arai GoldAraiGold N/A
ASH Reggio 201ASH N/A
AstraAstra Late 1940's - Mid 1950's
B & T Components Ltd (Bantel) ManxB & T Components Ltd (Bantel) 1947 - ?
Balilla (Galli Giovanni) [Balilla in script; earlier version]Balilla (Galli Giovanni) N/A
Balilla (Galli Giovanni) [Balilla in script; has quick release; later version]Balilla (Galli Giovanni) N/A
Balilla (Galli Giovanni) [Balilla in script; short reach]Balilla (Galli Giovanni) N/A
Balilla (Galli Giovanni) [Balilla in script]Balilla (Galli Giovanni) 1950's - ?
Balilla (Galli Giovanni) [Balilla inset in block letters]Balilla (Galli Giovanni) 1960's - 1970's
Balilla (Galli Giovanni) [Balilla in script; early version with 'BREVATTATO']Balilla (Galli Giovanni)59 1959 - ?
Balilla (Galli Giovanni) Tipo Corsa 61 [Balilla in script]Balilla (Galli Giovanni)61 1961 - ?
Balilla (Galli Giovanni) Tipo Corsa 61 [Balilla inset in block letters]Balilla (Galli Giovanni)61 Late 1970's - ?
Balilla (Galli Giovanni) 750Balilla (Galli Giovanni)750 N/A
Berga TourismeBerga N/A
Bertola (aero)Bertola N/A
Bertola (centerpull)Bertola N/A
Bertola (sidepull)Bertola N/A
Bertola (sidepull, caliper strap)Bertola N/A
Bertola EspecialBertola N/A
Bottecchia SuperlussoBottecchiaSuperlussoSuperLusso1948 - 1949
BowdenBowden N/A
Bowden cantilever (Gravy-Bowden)Bowden N/A
Bowden Luxe (Cantilever)Bowden 1939 - ?
Bowden TouristeBowden N/A
Bowden Touriste 904Bowden N/A
Bowden Touriste Confort 1/2 BallonBowden N/A
Bowden Touriste SportBowden N/A
Bowden Touriste SupersportBowden N/A
BurliteBurlite 1947 - ?
Cambio Rino CriterionCambio Rino N/A
Campagnolo Gran Sport (first gen)Campagnolo 1978 - ?
Campagnolo Gran Sport (second gen)Campagnolo118 2020/F 1978 - ?
Campagnolo, 50th AnniversaryCampagnolo50th Anniversary1983
Campagnolo Athena Graphite FinishCampagnoloAthenaLate 1980's - Early 1990's
Campagnolo Athena monoplanerCampagnoloAthena1995

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