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10 Newest Head Badges Added
Badge NameCountryAdded ByAdded On
Fr. Van Bergen HeadbadgeBelgiumRonald12/10/2016 11:21 AM
Romet Head Badge from SuperPolandshivn11/26/2016 06:41 PM
CosmopolitanUnited StatesThe Alterkakker10/27/2016 04:02 PM
CosmopolitanUnited StatesThe Alterkakker10/27/2016 03:56 PM
80's Bottecchia Head Badge - Color print on shiny foilItalyfobiafabio11/02/2016 10:18 AM
Redl 196x's CycloCrossGermanyTombo09/18/2016 04:40 AM
Nakamura Head Badge from SX 995JapanUsedbikesmontreal09/09/2016 11:08 PM
Cycle Marinoni Newer headbadgeCanadaUsedbikesmontreal09/09/2016 10:58 PM
70's headbadgeCanadaUsedbikesmontreal09/09/2016 10:52 PM
GannaItalyUsedbikesmontreal09/09/2016 11:22 PM
10 Newest Head Badges Updated
Badge NameCountryUpdated ByUpdated On
Fr. Van Bergen HeadbadgeBelgiumRonald12/10/2016 11:21 AM
Romet Head Badge from SuperPolandshivn11/26/2016 06:41 PM
80's Bottecchia Head Badge - Color print on shiny foilItalyfobiafabio11/02/2016 10:18 AM
CosmopolitanUnited StatesThe Alterkakker10/27/2016 04:02 PM
GannaItalyUsedbikesmontreal09/09/2016 11:22 PM
Nakamura Head Badge from SX 995JapanUsedbikesmontreal09/09/2016 11:08 PM
Torpado Head Badge from Torpado Luxe WomenItalyUsedbikesmontreal09/09/2016 10:17 PM
Elvish Trademark depuis 1883FranceTom70s08/18/2016 03:23 AM
Elswick Barton-on-Hopper Head BadgeEnglandTom70s08/18/2016 03:09 AM
Miyata Handmade Japan head badgeJapanTom70s07/26/2016 06:27 AM
10 Newest Frame Parts Added/Updated
Part NameCategoryUpdated ByUpdated On
Super Vitus 971Tube SetsTombo11/19/2016 03:32 PM
Columbus Road Drop Outs & Fork Endsstingray10/05/2016 09:00 PM
Simplex Campagnolo-styleDrop Outs & Fork Endspeterbman09/20/2016 12:59 PM
SunTour GSDrop Outs & Fork EndsWalkman-man09/13/2016 10:15 AM
Tange TR End (Forged)Drop Outs & Fork EndsWalkman-man09/13/2016 09:20 AM
Columbus NeuronTube SetsTom70s07/26/2016 07:49 AM
Condor 531 ReynoldsFork CrownTom70s02/02/2016 09:05 AM
Campagnolo 1060 Corsa fork endsDrop Outs & Fork EndsMGTS01/18/2016 01:41 PM
Columbus Altec2 Plus Pro-Racing setTube SetsTom70s11/09/2015 04:24 AM
Columbus Altec2Tube SetsTom70s11/09/2015 04:06 AM
10 Newest Parts Bin Items Added/Updated
Part NameCategoryAdded/Updated ByAdded/Updated On
Oria 9550Tube Setsfobiafabio10/25/2016 10:35 AM
Columbus DeltaTube SetsTom70s06/24/2016 02:17 AM
Columbus Gilco Profilo S4Tube Setsandreitapescu04/18/2016 06:40 AM
Peugeot "Allégé"Tube Setsdbroglin03/17/2016 07:28 AM
Columbus customTube Setsvintage-baz12/05/2015 08:49 AM
TTS BianchiTube SetseLBee08/28/2015 12:49 AM
TitaniumTube Setsfhaas05/15/2015 10:44 AM
Raleigh 20-30 SteelTube Setsdbroglin02/27/2015 04:01 AM
Columbus Cromor SLTube Setscolnagolover11/11/2014 12:06 PM
KevlarTube SetsBCBird09/10/2014 10:18 PM
10 Newest Brands Added/Updated
Brand NameCountryAdded/Updated ByAdded/Updated On
ZeusSpainIdeale_#8001/17/2017 12:36 PM
ShimanoJapanSlider7401/08/2017 11:42 PM
HuretFranceTombo01/06/2017 02:42 PM
KharkovRussiapeterbman01/05/2017 05:03 PM
SimplexFranceTombo01/03/2017 02:23 PM
Fr. Van BergenBelgiumRonald12/10/2016 10:54 AM
Rauler (RAULeR)ItalyTombo12/06/2016 04:57 AM
RometPolandshivn11/26/2016 07:04 PM
GipiemmeItalyTombo11/24/2016 10:05 AM
CampagnoloItalyRaviPrem199010/28/2016 03:39 PM
10 Newest Frame & Head Badge Comments Added
Commented ItemUserAdded On
Cinelli GOIDESIGNMilesDavis01/18/2017 05:39 PM
This is actually a Goi Contini - no affiliation with Cinelli at all
Mavic Road forgedMilesDavis01/18/2017 05:39 PM
This is actually a Milremo dropout
Gazelle SpecialPolleke11/17/2016 08:37 AM
In 1996 and 1997 the frame was sold with classic tubes. In 1998 this was changed to Trapezium tubes, where the region of the bottom bracket has wider tubing for more stiffness. In 1999 the front fork was switched from one with a threaded headset to an Ahead stiletto fork. 2002 was probably the last year of production. Chroming of front (and maybe rear) fork was an option.
LOOK KG 86 "Bernard Hinault"lavielemond10/31/2016 03:30 AM
Another thing that I can tell anyone with an interest in this frame is that on some models of the KG86, the rear dropouts have "LOOK" stamped upon them & on others - mine included - TVT is stamped upon the rear dropout! But ALL KG86 frames require the 25mm (or 25.4mm) diameter seatpost that was ubiquitous upon TVT, LOOK, Vitus & ALAN frames of the era.
LOOK KG 86 "Bernard Hinault"lavielemond10/31/2016 03:20 AM
Rather than the "Bernard Hinault" decal shown upon the drive-side of the downtube of the KG86 frame shown above, a number of them instead feature a 'spiel' upon the decal that reads - "This exclusive frame and forks has been produced and designed in collaboration with the << La Vie Claire >> pro cycling team of the Bernard Tapie Sport group and created by TVT, the technological leader of the carbon Kevlar® compound. This unique dampening unbreakable tubing is made of a Kevlar® carbon fibre. Enjoy the ride!" My KG86 (purchased NOS) features this "spiel" decal upon the drive-side & the "Bernard Hinault" decal upon the N/D/S, which I have seen upon many other NOS frames. And I have also seen a couple of KG86 frames with the same 'spiel' written in French, which I quite like! BTW, did anyone else notice the fact that they claimed in their 'spiel' that these tubes were "unbreakable"?!
[ERROR - Parent Not Found]1989Pre10/19/2016 07:32 AM
All the Technium maintubes (on the alloy Techniums) were 6061-T8. Brinell hardness: 6061-T6=95 6061-T8=120
Automoto Headbadgealain290810/07/2016 02:03 AM
This badge appeared in the 1910's and desappeared before 1930. A another version with bigger T continued in the beginning of the 30's
Peugeot Headbadgealain290810/07/2016 02:00 AM
This is not a 1910 badge. This logo appeared in 1898 and desappeared before 1910
Peugeot Headbadgealain290810/07/2016 01:58 AM
This headbadge appeared in 1926
SunTour GSWalkman-man09/13/2016 10:24 AM
Added an extra pic showing a variant of the rear dropout, as well as one showing the front dropout. My rear example would look to be the first generation version of the model, seeing as the Suntour logo is the company's older version, with the 'split' T showing in it, compared to the logo showing on the rear dropout already pictured here. Strangely though, the front dropout doesn't show the older logo- this despite the fact that both dropouts came off the same bike:)

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