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Component NameBrandModelGroupYears 
Modolo Q-EVENModolo 1990's - ?
Modolo ALX 90ModoloALX 90 N/A
Modolo AmericaModoloAmerica 1980's
Modolo CorsaModoloCorsa N/A
Modolo Corsa (2nd version)ModoloCorsa N/A
Modolo Corsa (3nd version)ModoloCorsa N/A
Modolo KronosModoloCP4 1983 - ?
Modolo CrossModoloCross N/A
Modolo EquipeModoloEquipe 1980's
Modolo Equipe KX90ModoloEquipe KX90 1984 - ?
Modolo Flash (1st version)ModoloFlash 1979 - 1988
Modolo Flash (2nd version)ModoloFlash N/A
Modolo FlyerModoloFlyer N/A
Modolo Mach 1ModoloMach 1 N/A
Modolo Mach 3ModoloMach 3 Late 1980's - Early 1990's
Modolo MaxModoloMax N/A
Modolo Professional [INTERN PAT on caliper arm]ModoloProfessional 1976 - ?
Modolo QT-EXEModoloQT-EXE 1990 - ?
Modolo RaceModoloRace Late 1980's - ?
Modolo RockyModoloRocky 1980's
Modolo Master SLK 90ModoloSLK 90 (Master) Mid 1980's - Early 1990's
Modolo Supertitanium SLK 90ModoloSLK 90 (Supertitanium) Mid 1980's - Early 1990's
Modolo SpeedyModoloSpeedy 1979 - 1988
Modolo Speedy (La Vie Claire edition)ModoloSpeedy 1984
Modolo Sporting [engraved]ModoloSporting ? - 1984
Modolo SuperprestigeModoloSuperprestige 1984 - ?
Modolo TeamModoloTeam Early 1980's - ?
Modolo Master proModoloMaster proMaster pro1983 - 1988
Modolo Professional (v1)ModoloProfessionalProfessional1980's
Modolo Professional (v2; printed "Professional")ModoloProfessionalProfessional? - 1985
Modolo Sporting [painted]ModoloSportingN/A

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