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SunTour BB-SB10-I, Superbe ProBottom BracketsBB-SB10-ISuperbe Pro1989 - 1994
SunTour BB-SB11, Superbe ProBottom BracketsBB-SB11Superbe Pro1990 - 1994
SunTour BB-SL10, XC ProBottom BracketsBB-SL10Superbe Pro1992 - 1994
SunTour BL-SB00-N, Superbe ProBrake LeversBL-SB00-NSuperbe Pro1988 - 1994
SunTour CB-2200, Superbe Pro (compact)Brake LeversCB-2200Superbe ProMid 1980's - Late 1980's
SunTour CB-3200, Superbe (dual slot drilled)Brake LeversCB-3200Superbe Pro1979 - Mid 1980's
SunTour BA-SB00-S, Superbe ProBrakesBA-SB00-SSuperbe Pro1988 - 1994
SunTour CB-3100, Superbe Pro Short ReachBrakesCB-3100Superbe ProMid 1980's
SunTour CB-3600, Superbe Pro Short ReachBrakesCB-3600Superbe Pro1984 - 1986
SunTour CB-4100, Superbe Pro Long ReachBrakesCB-4100Superbe Pro1984 - 1986
SunTour CS-AP00-S7, Superbe ProCassettesCS-AP00-S7USuperbe Pro1990 - ?
SunTour CS-AP00-S8, Superbe ProCassettesCS-AP00-S8Superbe Pro1990 - ?
SunTour CS-AP00-S8, Superbe ProCassettesCS-AP00-S8Superbe Pro1990 - ?
SunTour Superbe Pro BlackChainringsSuperbe ProMid 1980's - Late 1980's
SunTour CH-AP01, Superbe ProChainsCH-AP01Superbe Pro1988 - 1990
SunTour CH-AP02, SprintChainsCH-AP02Superbe Pro1988 - 1993
SunTour SP-6000, Superbe ProChainsSP-6000Superbe Pro1984 - ?
SunTour CW-5000, Superbe ProCranksetsCW-5000Superbe ProMid 1980's - Late 1980's
SunTour CW-6000, Superbe Pro (Track)CranksetsCW-6000Superbe ProMid 1980's - Late 1980's
SunTour CW-SB10, Superbe ProCranksetsCW-SB10Superbe Pro1990 - 1994
SunTour FD-2000, Superbe Pro (clamp)Front DerailleursFD-2000Superbe ProMid 1980's - Late 1980's
SunTour FD-2000, Superbe Pro (endless band)Front DerailleursFD-2000Superbe Pro1981
SunTour FD-2000, Superbe Pro (endless band; later version)Front DerailleursFD-2000Superbe ProMid 1980's
SunTour FD-SB00-B, Superbe ProFront DerailleursFD-SB00-BSuperbe Pro1987 - 1994
SunTour FD-SB00-H, Superbe ProFront DerailleursFD-SB00-HSuperbe Pro1987 - 1994
SunTour HS-150, Superbe ProHeadsetsHS-150Superbe ProMid 1980's - Late 1980's
SunTour HS-SB00, Superbe ProHeadsetsHS-SB00Superbe ProLate 1880's - 1994
SunTour BH-1500, Superbe ProHubsBH-1500Superbe ProMid 1980's - Late 1980's
SunTour Superbe Pro, low flangeHubsBH-1500Superbe ProMid 1980's - Late 1980's
SunTour BH-1600, Superbe ProHubsBH-1600Superbe ProN/A
SunTour Superbe Pro (8speed)HubsHB-SB00Superbe Pro1991 - 1994
SunTour PL-2000, Superbe Pro (Track)PedalsPL-2000Superbe Pro1987 - ?
SunTour PL-4000, SuperbePedalsPL-4000Superbe Pro1981 - ?
SunTour PL-SB00, Superbe ProPedalsPL-SB00Superbe Pro1990 - 1994
SunTour PL-TM00, Superbe ProPedalsPL-TM00Superbe Pro1990 - 1994
SunTour RD-3100, Superbe ProRear DerailleursRD-3100Superbe Pro1979 - 1983
SunTour RD-5200, Superbe Pro (friction)Rear DerailleursRD-5200Superbe ProEarly 1980's - Mid 1980's
SunTour Superbe Pro Accushift (indexed)Rear DerailleursRD-5200 (indexed)Superbe Pro1987 - ?
SunTour RD-SB00-SS8, Superbe ProRear DerailleursRD-SB00-SS8Superbe Pro1988 - 1994
SunTour SP-SB00 (-S)(-L) , Superbe ProSeat PostsSP-SB00Superbe Pro1987 - 1994
SunTour LD-4650, Superbe ProShiftersLD-4650 Superbe ProN/A
SunTour SL-IP00-B, Sprint / Cyclone / Superbe ProShiftersSL-IP00-BSuperbe Pro1987 - 1990
SunTour Superbe Pro (Power Command Friction)ShiftersSL-SB00-BSuperbe Pro1987 - 1990
SunTour Superbe Pro (6, 7 index)ShiftersSL-SB01-BSuperbe Pro1991
SunTour Superbe Pro (7, 8 index)ShiftersSL-SB02-BSuperbe Pro1992 - ?
SunTour Superbe Pro Dust Cap - Early GenerationSmall Parts & AccessoriesSuperbe Pro1976 - 1986
SunTour Superbe Pro Dust Cap - Late GenerationSmall Parts & AccessoriesSuperbe Pro1987 - 1994

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