XC 9000
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Display Name:XC 9000
Group Family:XC
Category:Mountain Bike
Years:1987 - 1989
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General Information
Group Family General Info: SunTour's main line of Off-Road parts.
General Info: 
Brake LeversSunTour BL-XC00, XC 90001988 - 198905/12/20
Brake LeversSunTour CB-6200, XC 9000198711/11/13
BrakesSunTour BA-XC00, XC90001987 - 198911/11/13
BrakesSunTour CT-XC00, XC9000198901/18/11
BrakesSunTour CT-XC10, XC9000198905/12/20
ChainsSunTour SP-6000, Superbe Pro1984 - ?04/04/09
CranksetsSunTour CW-XC00, XC 9000198901/14/14
Front DerailleursSunTour FD-XC00-GX, XC 90001987 - 198911/11/13
HeadsetsSunTour HS-SA00, Sprint 90001987 - 199002/05/09
HubsSunTour FH-XC10-R6, XC 9000198901/18/11
HubsSunTour HB-XC00, XC 90001987 - 198811/11/13
HubsSunTour HB-XC10, XC 90001987 - 198904/13/20
PedalsSunTour PL-5100, XCEarly 1980's - Mid 1980's06/11/09
PedalsSunTour PL-XC10, XC 9000198905/12/20
PedalsSunTour PL-XC20, XC Comp1987 - Early 1990's04/10/10
Rear DerailleursSunTour RD-XC00, XC 9000198701/18/11
Rear DerailleursSunTour RD-XC10-GXB, XC 90101988 - 198905/12/20
Rear DerailleursSunTour RD-XC10-SSB, XC 9010198905/12/20
Seat PostsSunTour SP-XC00, XC9000Late 1980's - Early 1990's02/28/08
ShiftersSunTour LD-3600, XCEarly 1980's - Mid 1980's06/11/09
ShiftersSunTour SL-XC00-R7U, XC 9000198905/12/20
Shifting Brake LeversSunTour CL-XC00, XC 9000198704/02/14
Shifting Brake LeversSunTour CL-XC02-U7, XC 9000198905/12/20
Shifting Brake LeversSunTour CL-XC10, XC 9000198711/11/13
Small Parts & AccessoriesSunTour HL-3000, XCEarly 1980's - Mid 1980's06/11/09
Small Parts & AccessoriesSunTour QR-170, XC1984 - 198905/12/20
Small Parts & AccessoriesSunTour XC brake cam boot1984 - 198905/12/20
StemsSunTour MS-1400, XC1984 - 198806/11/09
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