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post 11/07/11, 09:29 AM
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Update 11/9/11: The Marketplace is now open.  Vintage User members can now post their items for sale.  Remember, all listings are completely free through the next 2-3 months while the Marketplace is in Beta.

As some may have noticed there is now a Marketplace menu item in the top bar of the website.  In the coming weeks I will be rolling out the new Marketplace feature which will allow users to Buy, Sell and Trade items with one another.  Right now, most features are hidden from users while I conduct the first round of live testing to ensure that all of the data structures and new code are functioning correctly.  Once I am satisfied that the new system is operational, I will start opening up features to users.  I will outline the general development plan which should unfold in the next few months.

Beta Phase I (2 - 5 days):
- Admin level testing of core features: Listings, Photos, Transaction, Feedback for For-Sale functionality.

Beta Phase II (4-6 weeks):
- (NOW ON-GOING) Open Beta for Users of  Vintage User status members will be able to post unlimited Listings to the Marketplace.  All members will be able to buy these items listed For Sale.
- Transaction List improvements - amount/shipping/etc. DONE
- Development of 'Offer' for For-Sale, Want to Buy, and Trade Listings. Done
- Completion of Want to Buy and Trade functionality and release into Beta.Done
- Marketplace Listing link to VeloBase Collection.
- Marketplace Listing of Frames, Tools, Frameparts, etc Done

Beta Phase III (4-6 weeks):
- Marketplace Listing Search. Done
- Marketplace Search from VeloBase Collection.
- Marketplace Email Notification development. Done
- Marketplace Free-Listing development (TBD - will be giving some one-time and/or monthly/yearly free listings at the end of Beta test)
- Marketplace Fee payment development (TBD - will be flat-rate, no % of value fees)

Marketplace Full Release
- End of Beta Testing.  Full Marketplace Functionality.

Feedback in this thread is welcome!
post 11/07/11, 02:49 PM
VeloBase Admin
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Posts: 473 Version 2.7.6 (though rev.2)

1) Marketplace initial code release.  Restricted to Admin and BetaUser member groups only.  Will be opened up to most users in the coming days.
2) Added option to the Edit User Account page that will show your registered Email Address on your User Profile (note: User Profile is visible to Registered Users only!).  This option is turned OFF by default.
3) Added options to the Edit User Account page for the Marketplace (Show Email in Listings, etc)
4) Added additional sub-menu items to the MyBase menu for MyContent, Search History and User List.  Added additional sub-menu item to Marketplace for accessing your Marketplace Account page.
5) Fixed minor bugs in Marketplace Add/Edit functionality found after first release.
post 11/09/11, 08:35 AM
VeloBase Admin
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Posts: 473 Version 2.7.6 rev.3

Beta Phase II (Open Beta) has been opened.  All Vintage User members can post their items for sale in the Marketplace.  If you are not yet a Vintage User level member, remember that the Vintage Quiz (accessed through the MyBase page) provides a jump-start to upgrading your account.

Release Notes:

1) Offer system has been completed.  If you wish to allow offers to be made on your items for sale, simply check the 'Allow Offers' checkbox when adding your items.  Listings that allow offers have a { ? } icon next to them in your Marketplace Account Listings section.  If there are no awaiting offers, this icon will be grayed out.  
2) Updated both Marketplace List and Marketplace Item with additional information.
3) Updated the Marketplace Account page with additional information and features for Listings, Transactions and Feedback.
post 11/13/11, 10:34 PM
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Big update for the Marketplace going out in the morning.  More details to come once deployed.
post 11/14/11, 10:05 AM
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Version 2.7.6 rev.4 & 5

1) Categories! Bicycles / Frames, Frame Parts, and "Other" (jerseys, tools, etc) now open. Reworked the available categories a little and combined a few of them together (front/rear derailleurs, handlebars & stems, etc). If you have an item that you want to sell and there is no category for it and think there should be, let me know.

2) Search! Title & Category search, Listing Number search (see below). I will update to allow you to search description text as well, but that'll be a bit more work to be completed in the near future.

3) New Menu items. Several new menu items added to the top banner menu to aid in getting around the site a bit quicker. Direct link to the Edit Account page when logged in, top level category search items for the Marketplace, etc.

4) Updated UI for the Marketplace Control Panel page. Improved the icons, added bold or grayed out fonts to help you quickly identify items that are currently open and need action vs those completed or simply "current". 

5) Links from the Knowledge base pages into the Marketplace. This is just a start for a Marketplace Search feature which will allow visitors to quickly search the Marketplace for items similar to the one they are looking at in the velobase collection. For now it's a simple link that sends them to the Marketplace with a top level category filter. Later there will be a much more refined search result option.

6) Aliases - Users can input their aliases (ie: cuda2k at, eBay, etc).

7) Listing Numbers - quick reference and search of a Marketplace listing. Find the Listing Number to the right of the Listing Title. It is a hyperlink, so a right-click, copy link address will quickly give you a link to that listing. ie: VBM0000011

8) Marketplace Public Profile. A public profile for your Marketplace Account. Includes a list of your current listings, recent feedback, and if a user is logged-in, general contact information. Most information is hidden if the user is not a logged-in VeloBase user to secure personal information. ie: JFischer Marketplace Profile
post 11/14/11, 08:37 PM
VeloBase Admin
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Still some rough edges to work out with the Transaction.  Now that I've had a few transactions started, I can see the gaps that need to be filled in.  Expect more big improvements in the next release.
post 11/17/11, 11:57 AM
VeloBase Admin
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Version 2.7.6 rev.6:

Added 'Allow Trade Offers' check box, and Payment Options drop down to the Listing Add/Edit screen.  Payment option text now shows up in the Listing view page as well. Still working on the view part of Trade Offers, will probably just change the icon on the list, and perhaps do some sort of text indication on the view page.  We'll see.

Made some fixes to the Transactions section.  Also fixed the bug that was preventing the email Notifications from being sent out.  All back logged Notifications should go out tonight.  
post 11/23/11, 12:05 PM
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Version 2.7.6 v.7:

Marketplace Want to Buy and Want to Trade now open.  Will be doing integration testing over the holiday weekend, but hopefully it's functional and good to go.  Feed free to post new items.

Added Marketplace Category counts to the Search Category dropdown option.

Fixed and cleaned up some of the functionality in the Frames & Bicycles section.  More work to come in this area as time allows.
post 11/28/11, 08:06 AM
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Version 2.7.6 v.8:

Fixed bug in Marketplace Search function when searching on 'All Listings'.

Updated Ad Rotator control to separate the logging function and the hyperlink functionality.  

Updated the List pages so that you will go back to the page you were on when using the 'Back' button in Chrome.
post 11/30/11, 04:11 PM
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Version 2.7.6 rev.9:

Further improvements in the Marketplace Account page mostly today.  I have added a new feature, the Marketplace Alert, which will notify a user when they have new activity in their Marketplace Account (offers submitted, listed items purchased, transactions updated, messages sent, etc).  A notification icon will appear in the top title bar (next to the title menu) when you have new marketplace alerts, and the alert types will be listed in your Marketplace Account page when you view that page.
post 12/02/11, 02:50 PM
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Version 2.7.6 rev. 10:

I have made some changes to the Marketplace Account - Transactions sections, and added a new Transaction Edit page to replace the dialog that had been used.  I was getting reports of some problems opening and using the Transaction Edit dialog and after reflection on the problems and the setup as a whole I made the decision that a separate page was the best solution to the problems.  Additionally the added space that a full page for Transaction Edit gives me, I can improve the user look and feel of the system in the next release.

Now, clicking on the 'Transaction Messages' icon, will give you only a dialog with the message history and the text box to input a new message.  If you are the seller (or trader) in a Transaction, there will be a link to send you to the Transaction Edit page.

In the next release, I plan to refine and improve the new Transaction Edit page, the Marketplace Account page, and further integrate the new Marketplace into the rest of the website.  

Royal Enfield
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