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Cheap Foam/Rubber to Organize tool box drawers?
post 12/29/17, 04:24 AM
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Got a new tool box and tool cart for christmas. Nothing huge, humble beginnings in a new house. Would love to find some good thick rubbery foam type material to cut out each tool and organize each drawer. Really hate how any organization goes to shit as soon as you close a drawer a little too hard or shake it a little. I'd like a fairly dense rubbery type foam material.

For more details

post 01/12/18, 07:42 AM
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The dense foam floor mats sold with interlocking edges would work nicely  with a layer of thinner stuff beneath like a typical yoga mat. Or it might be too thick depending on taste. Smart foam from the bedding industry is nice because it's self compressing to an extent that lets a weighty object sink into it just a bit: you wouldn't need to do any sculpting with it necessarily.
post 02/11/19, 10:28 PM
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