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Head Badges - Updated /Additions Needed
post 10/26/10, 09:12 AM
VeloBase Admin
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Doing some house cleaning in the Head Badges collection right now, removing some duplicates and generally cleaning up the information.  I have compiled the following list of head badges that need updated photos, or of badges that I do not have yet that I would like to get examples of:

Austro Daimler A-D
Batavus 'B' Style
Bertin (50's)
Early Bianchi
Bridgestone compass rose style
Carlton (early version)
CCM (70's vertical style)
Centurion Bicycle Works (round aluminum/black)
Centurion 'C' Taiwan
Chemineau Route
Claud Butler (metal badge)
Eddy Merckx 70's/80's
Gios (metal badge)
Motobecane (round)
Nishiki Eagle head w/o shield
Peugeot 1882-1982 badge
Robin Hood
Royal Enfield
Steve Bauer
Trek (80's black on gold)
Zeus (60's)
post 02/28/11, 09:54 AM
The Grupetto Financier
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I have a few good images of several of these ... Volkscycle, Lotus, 1978 Peugeot, Centurion 'C'. Once I get upload access, I'll submit all of them.
post 03/18/11, 10:34 PM
Vintage User
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I own a Benotto P2000 that I bought new in 1973. I would be glad to send (upload?) a picture of the headbadge, but as a new member I'm not sure how to go about it.

post 05/04/16, 07:36 AM
Certified Vintage
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As soon as I reach the requirements for adding content I plan to submit the Medici head badge/decal on my bike. Also, planning on submitting a clear picture of the entire frameset/bicycle, for that section, as well. I hope to add some Medici content, in a responsible manner, as it is scarce. Not many of them out there, it seems.
post 05/09/16, 07:18 AM
Certified Vintage
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Added the Medici head badge from my 1978 Pro Strada Medici, this is the early type, a shield with WC stripes across the top in an arc, with the lion beneath. In later years this was changed, but I don't have any shots that I have permission to use, of that type of head badge, on any Medici from the era. This seems to have been just the lion, no shield, or the WC stripes, from what I can tell.
post 11/27/18, 04:11 AM
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post 02/19/19, 08:36 AM
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post 03/22/19, 01:13 PM
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post 06/07/19, 06:24 AM
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post 06/28/19, 11:33 AM
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