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How to choose a waterproof smart watch?
post 07/22/19, 08:50 AM
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How to choose a waterproof smart watch? The fact is that we often ride bicycles through mountainous places and love to bathe in mountains or rivers. So I would like to buy a good watch.
post 07/22/19, 09:49 AM
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I think you need to find information about smart watches on the Internet
post 07/23/19, 09:36 AM
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As far as I know, watch manufacturers label their products with symbols indicating information about the degree of protection of watches from water and dust.
post 07/25/19, 12:16 AM
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My husband loves swimming and always wanted a waterproof smart watch. Just what he would not buy something that did not suit him and he was very nervous. So when I decided to give him this gadget, I bought based on information where are collected reviews of the top ten waterproof smart watches at the moment. And bought the Apple Watch Series 4, where there are training modes for the pool.

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