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Component NameBrandModelGroupYears 
BrooksBrooks N/A
Brooks blue/white mattressBrooks 1950's - ?
Brooks Vitesse 200Brooks N/A
Brooks Vitesse 300Brooks Mid 1980's - Late 1980's
Brooks Vitesse 400Brooks N/A
Brooks Vitesse 500Brooks Mid 1980's - Late 1980's
Brooks Vitesse 600Brooks N/A
Brooks B10BrooksB10 N/A
Brooks B130BrooksB130 N/A
Brooks B16 CastaluminBrooksB16 Castalumin 1934 - 1935
Brooks B18 MessengerBrooksB18 N/A
Brooks B19 Champion Narrow (long)BrooksB19 Champion Narrow (long) 1923 - 1939
Brooks B27 Champion StandardBrooksB27 Champion Standard 1948 - 1952
Brooks B31BrooksB31 N/A
Brooks B33 (double sprung)BrooksB33 1940's - 1950's
Brooks B33 (double sprung) - 1970s versionBrooksB33 Mid 1970's - ?
Brooks B33 (double sprung) - version 2BrooksB33 1940's - 1950's
Brooks B37 ChampionBrooksB37 Champion 1951 - ?
Brooks B47 Champion SprintBrooksB47 Champion Sprint 1948 - 1952
Brooks B57 SwallowBrooksB57 1948 - 1952
Brooks B5NBrooksB5N 1970's
Brooks B66BrooksB66 1927 - Current
Brooks B66SBrooksB66S N/A
Brooks B68BrooksB68 N/A
Brooks B72BrooksB72 N/A
Brooks B72LBrooksB72L N/A
Brooks B73BrooksB73 N/A
Brooks B90/3BrooksB90/3 N/A
Brooks Brooks CountessBrooksBrooks Countess 1988 - Late 1990's
Brooks ColtBrooksColt 1979 - Current
Brooks ConquerorBrooksConqueror 1960's - ?
Brooks ConquestBrooksConquest 1988 - Late 1990's
Brooks FinesseBrooksFinesse 1980's - 1990's
Brooks Military SaddleBrooksMilitary Saddle N/A
Brooks Professional pre-softenedBrooksProfessional pre-softened ? - 2000's
Brooks Professional S (Small)BrooksProfessional S (Small) 1980's - 1990's
Brooks Professional SelectBrooksProfessional Select 1979 - ?
Brooks ReleaseBrooksRelease 1920 - 1959
Brooks S22/1BrooksS22/1 1930's
Brooks Swift (Steel Rail)BrooksSwift N/A
Brooks Swift (Ti Rail)BrooksSwift N/A
Brooks Team ProfessionalBrooksTeam Professional ? - 2000's
Brooks Team Professional "Team Special" (with polished rivets)BrooksTeam Professional 1981 - 2000's
Brooks B15 Champion (Standard)BrooksB15 ChampionB151960's - ?
Brooks B15 Champion (Narrow)BrooksB15 Champion (Narrow)B15N/A
Brooks B15 SwallowBrooksB15 SwallowB151960's
Brooks B17 Champion FlyerBrooksB17 Champion FlyerB17N/A
Brooks B17 Champion LightweightBrooksB17 Champion LightweightB171936 - ?
Brooks B17 Champion NarrowBrooksB17 Champion NarrowB171910 - Current
Brooks B17 Champion SpecialBrooksB17 Champion SpecialB17? - Current
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