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20 Newest Components AddedRSS
Item NameCategoryAdded On
Campagnolo VeloceBrakes11/21/2022 03:38 PM
Sachs Huret Hi StepperFront Derailleurs11/13/2022 11:18 AM
Gipiemme Crono SpecialSeat Posts11/10/2022 01:21 PM
Wrights CL3NSaddles10/21/2022 04:53 AM
Nisi "Evian" CorsaRims10/11/2022 04:20 PM
Sealed bottom bracketBottom Brackets10/10/2022 05:07 AM
Sealed bottom bracketBottom Brackets10/10/2022 05:06 AM
Sugino APCranksets10/10/2022 02:32 AM
Stronglight 103Cranksets09/26/2022 10:43 AM
HuretShifters09/23/2022 02:25 PM
HuretShifters09/22/2022 12:37 PM
HuretShifters09/18/2022 11:35 AM
HuretShifters09/18/2022 05:57 AM
HuretShifters09/18/2022 05:48 AM
Mavic MA 40Rims08/23/2022 04:54 AM
Selle Italia Novus CarbonSaddles08/06/2022 01:50 PM
Shimano BB-UN73Bottom Brackets07/11/2022 10:31 AM
Shimano CN-M981, XTRChains07/11/2022 10:18 AM
Italmanubri (ITM) 700 Replica OpenStems06/27/2022 07:22 PM
Kusuki WinpistaHandlebars05/02/2022 11:20 AM
20 Newest Components UpdatedRSS
Item NameCategoryLast Updated On
Altenburger Synchron ("Altenburger Synchron" in twin globe logo)Brakes11/27/2022 11:58 PM
Shimano PD-7401, Dura-Ace 7400Pedals11/23/2022 05:55 AM
Stronglight (3 arm steel, cottered)Cranksets11/19/2022 01:05 PM
Shimano SP-M730, Deore XT M730Seat Posts11/17/2022 03:19 AM
Shimano FC-M730, Deore XT M730Cranksets11/16/2022 03:50 AM
Gipiemme Crono SpecialSeat Posts11/10/2022 01:19 PM
Shimano PD-A525Pedals10/28/2022 01:31 AM
Sealed bottom bracketBottom Brackets10/10/2022 05:39 AM
Sealed bottom bracketBottom Brackets10/10/2022 05:17 AM
Sealed bottom bracketBottom Brackets10/10/2022 04:32 AM
Nervar 631/633 (5-pin, alloy, type 1)Cranksets09/27/2022 12:50 AM
Nervar 631/633 (5-pin, alloy, type 3)Cranksets09/25/2022 04:28 AM
Spécialités TA Pro 5 Vis (later version)Cranksets09/22/2022 08:57 AM
Maillard HelicomaticHubs09/20/2022 05:53 PM
Maillard ATOM CXCPedals08/02/2022 01:32 AM
Assos aero sectionRims06/22/2022 07:03 AM
Sheffield (1940's)Pedals06/20/2022 03:17 PM
FiRBottom Brackets06/13/2022 05:30 AM
FiR La Nuova Dimensione (Version 2, S.Rec copy)Headsets06/13/2022 05:11 AM
Kusuki WinpistaHandlebars05/02/2022 11:26 AM
10 Newest Brands Added/Updated
Brand NameCountryAdded/Updated ByAdded/Updated On
Sachs HuretFrancerche7k11/13/2022 11:18 AM
FiRItalyFloHo06/13/2022 04:56 AM
Sakae/Ringyo (SR)Japanucaca03/17/2022 07:11 AM
JOLLIFrancealfy02/11/2022 11:13 PM
Casalini PiacenzaItalyTazio02/08/2022 02:53 PM
OfmegaItalyzidortri02/02/2022 07:37 AM
SimplexFrancetmundry6701/19/2022 09:38 AM
ZeusSpainRobsch01/12/2022 02:28 PM
DürkoppGermanyRobsch01/05/2022 03:07 PM
SwallowGermanyRobsch01/05/2022 11:48 AM
10 Newest Component Comments Added
Commented ItemUserAdded On
Chater Lea C LSwayer12/02/2022 10:49 PM
The CL Chater Lea ring position single ring is a great way to keep your bike chains in place. This ring is made from high-quality materials and is designed to fit most bike chains. top real estate agents Orlando It is also easy to install and remove, making it a great option for those who need to change their bike chains frequently.
ATAX CTAtooslow12/02/2022 02:30 PM
FiR La Nuova Dimensionevojtech.smital@gmail.com12/01/2022 01:05 PM
These look very similar to shifters that Ofmega provided as part of Alpine LP MTB group (Ofmega used Simplex RD with just own branding..)
Sugino Mighty (fluted)Smat11/30/2022 10:39 AM
Were Sugino making these for Suntour before they marketed themselves ? The date given on the Superbe is late 70's and 84 for the Sugino ?
Phil Wood disk brakesbarner11/29/2022 10:14 PM
The improvement was in bonding an aluminum toothed ring in the disk. The first versions ground the teeth directly into the friction material, and these would wear on the toothed aluminum hub. If they stripped out, you were left with no braking at all. What you don't ever want to do is to pull a child carrier behind a tandem equipped with one of these, blowing asbestos dust into her lungs. These require a hub threaded on the left side (standard right-hand BSC freewheel thread), which used to be commonly available for tandem use. It was a flawed design, beautifully executed.
Campagnolo 4051/1, Nuovo Super Record (semi polished upper)JAKE11/27/2022 03:01 PM
I have this post, but apparently a variant thereof (yes, another Campagnolo variant on a model). The post is in rough shape, but I believe it would have the same finish as the example shown here. The main difference is that the upper neck section above the tapered shoulder is polished to the same finish as the post. Clamp pieces are also polished. Bolt (steel) and spacer (steel) are chrome plated. Bolt is 13mm head (closer to 12.5mm), 40mm length, and pitch 1mm? Post length before taper is 175mm, with taper 185mm, length to center of clamp (with clamp perpendicular to post shaft) 215mm. Clamp rail width 43mm (c-c). Flutes (8) approx. 56mm long starting 2mm below taper. Markings: "LIMIT" (60mm from bottom); limit indicator marks (55mm from bottom); "BREV. INTER." above "CAMPAGNOLO" both on front of tapered shoulder; "27.2" on rear of tapered shoulder. A note regarding posts utilzing this style of clamp. Mention has been made of having to heavily tighten the clamp to maintain saddle position (especially for heavier riders). This can be alleviated by roughening up the surfaces of the lower clamp piece and neck with some medium-fine sandpaper. Sand perpendicular to the curve of both surfaces, and it will greatly reduce slippage. This applies to Campagnolo and other brands as well.
Sedis ProDuralinox199211/27/2022 10:45 AM
Probably the top model of Sedis. On the original box is written: Delta, Axes ´bouterolles´, Riveting, Protection anti-corossion, Rust proof, #4CDI PRO, 12,7 x 2,38 m.m., 1/2 x 3/32 ´´.
Mavic 144BCDDuralinox199211/27/2022 10:27 AM
These chainrings belong to the Mavic crankset 630 and have rounded inner edges.
DT Swiss ChampionDuralinox199211/27/2022 10:18 AM
These are the very best spokes. Also available as double butted 2,0-1,8 called DT Competition. The Champion are 2,0 all over.
Mavic 640Duralinox199211/27/2022 04:51 AM
High quality pedals. Could be totally dismanteled and all parts were seperately available. Very good sealing. The cage consists of 2 layers of aluminium which may split at the edges after long and extensive use.

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