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Component NameBrandModelGroupYears 
Campagnolo (7sp, Xenon?)Campagnolo 1989 - 1991
Campagnolo CS-8AL, Record Light AlloyCampagnoloCS-8ALRecord1991 - 1993
Campagnolo CS-8S, Record SteelCampagnoloCS-8SRecord1991 - 1993
Campagnolo Record Exa-Drive (8sp)CampagnoloExa-DriveRecord1994 - ?
Campagnolo Record Titanium Exa-Drive (9sp)CampagnoloRecord 9-speed1998 - ?
Campagnolo Record Titanium/Steel Exa-Drive Mk2 (9sp), Record 9-speedCampagnoloRecord Titanium/Steel Exa-Drive Mk2 (9sp)Record 9-speed1998 - ?
GiulietGiuliet Early 1990's - ?
Marchisio IKO-SportMarchisioIKO-Sport 1980's - 1990's
Marchisio Titanio Exa-drive 8 speedMarchisioPlural 1st edition 2000 - ?
Mavic 571Mavic571 ? - 1990's
Mavic CR601 / CC9 (9-speed)MavicCR601 Late 1990's - ?
Regina XLR8 (Shimano-compatible)ReginaKSH2 N/A
Regina Oro Freewheel 5-speed (FW5)ReginaOro Freewheel 5-speed (FW5) 1980's
Regina Oro Freewheel 6-speed (FW6)ReginaOro Freewheel 6-speed (FW6) 1980's
Shimano CS-HG50ShimanoCS-HG50-J N/A
Shimano AX, 600 AXShimanoFH-6361600 AX1981 - 1984
Shimano FH-6361, 600 AXShimanoFH-6361 Super Shift Sprockets600 AX1981 - 1984
Shimano CS-6400-7, 600 Ultegra (7sp)ShimanoCS-6400-7600 Ultegra1988 - 1992
Shimano Uniglide, 600EXShimano600EXLate 1970's - Mid 1980's
Shimano CS-M730, Deore XT M730ShimanoCS-M730Deore XT M7301987 - ?
Shimano hg90, Deore XT M735 SeriesShimanohg90Deore XT M735 SeriesEarly 1990's - 1994
Shimano CS-M737, Deore XT M737ShimanoCS-M737Deore XT M737N/A
Shimano CS-7400-7, Dura-Ace 7400 (Uniglide)ShimanoCS-7400-7Dura-Ace 7400Mid 1980's - Late 1980's
Shimano CS-7400-8, Dura-Ace 7400 (Uniglide)ShimanoCS-7400-8Dura-Ace 7400Late 1980's - Early 1990's
Shimano FH-7400-6, Dura-Ace (6sp Uni-Glide)ShimanoFH-7400-6Dura-Ace 74001990 - 1991
Shimano CS-7400-8, Dura-Ace 7400 (Uniglide)ShimanoFH-7402Dura-Ace 74001993 - 1994
Shimano CS-7401, Dura-AceShimanoCS-7401Dura-Ace 74101992 - 1996
Shimano Dura-Ace CS-7700ShimanoDura-Ace 77001996 - 2004
Shimano Dura-Ace EXShimanoFH-7260Dura-Ace EX1978 - 1983
Shimano HG90, UltegraShimanoHG90UltegraEarly 1990's - Late 1990's
Spécialités TA KheopsSpécialités TA N/A
Stronglight TitaniumStronglight N/A
SunTour CS-AP20-K7 Power-Flow MicroDriveSunTourCS-AP20-K7 Early 1990's
SunTour CS-AP00-S7, RadiusSunTourCS-AP00-K7Radius1990 - 1992
SunTour CS-AP00-S7, Superbe ProSunTourCS-AP00-S7USuperbe Pro1990 - ?
SunTour CS-AP00-S8, Superbe ProSunTourCS-AP00-S8Superbe Pro1990 - ?
SunTour CS-AP00-S8, Superbe ProSunTourCS-AP00-S8Superbe Pro1990 - ?
SunTour CS-AP00-S6R, XC Accushift PlusSunTourCS-AP00-S6RXC CompEarly 1990's
SunTour CS-AP20-S8, XC CompSunTourCS-AP20-S8XC CompLate 1980's - Early 1990's
SunTour CS-AP10-K7SunTourCS-AP10-K7XC LTD1992 - ?
SunTour CS-AP00-S7U, XC ProSunTourCS-AP00-S7UXC Pro1990 - Mid 1990's
SunTour CS-AP20-S8, XC ProSunTourCS-AP20-S8XC Pro1992 - ?
SunTour CS-AP00-K7U, XCD 6000SunTourCS-AP00-K7UXCD 60001990 - ?
SunTour CS-AP20-K8, XC ExpertSunTourCS-AP20-K8XCE1993 - ?

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