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Component NameBrandModelGroupYears 
ACSACS 1988 - ?
ACS 49 79ACS49 79 N/A
AironeAironi 1950's - ?
AlcyonAlcyon N/A
Alcyon (fixed gear)Alcyon N/A
Altenburger (7 speed cassette)Altenburger N/A
Altenburger (high flange)Altenburger Early 1960's - ?
American ClassicAmerican Classic 1980's
Aro drum brakeAro N/A
Atom (early, low flange)Atom 1940's - 1950's
Atom (low flange aluminum)Atom 1970's - 1980's
Atom (low flange)Atom 1950's
Atom rear drum brakeAtom 1960's - ?
Atom Sport (low flange)Atom N/A
AutomotoAutomoto N/A
AutomotoAutomoto N/A
Avocet Model I (by Ofmega)AvocetModel I 1980's
Avocet Model II (high flange, by Ofmega)AvocetModel II 1982 - ?
Avocet Model II (low flange, by Ofmega)AvocetModel II 1982 - ?
Bayliss-Wiley (high flange)Bayliss-Wiley N/A
Bayliss-Wiley FreeHub UnitBayliss-Wiley N/A
Bayliss-Wiley ContinentalBayliss-WileyContinental N/A
Bayliss-Wiley Racing N° 10Bayliss-WileyRacing N° 10 Late 1930's - ?
Bendix Heavy DutyBendixHeavy Duty N/A
SprinterBernardon N/A
BianchiBianchi Early 1950's - Mid 1950's
Bianchi (unknown)Bianchi 1970's - ?
Blumfield Duralite (high flange)Blumfield N/A
Blumfield Duralite (low flange)Blumfield N/A
Brampton PHJ 806 (Philips replacement parts)BramptonPHJ 806 N/A
British Hubs (BH) SoloBritish Hubs (BH) 1930's - 1940's
British Hubs (BH) Airlite (high flange; riveted flanges; solid axles; single sided)British Hubs (BH)Airlite ? - Early 1940's
British Hubs (BH) Airlite (small flange; quick releases)British Hubs (BH)Airlite N/A
British Hubs (BH) Airlite (small flanges; solid axles)British Hubs (BH)Airlite N/A
British Hubs (BH) Airlite Continental (high flange, quick releases, double sided)British Hubs (BH)Airlite N/A
British Hubs (BH) Airlite Continental (high flange; quick releases; single-sided)British Hubs (BH)Airlite N/A
British Hubs (BH) Airlite Continental (high flange; solid axles; double-sided)British Hubs (BH)Airlite Mid 1930's - 1950's
British Hubs (BH) Airlite Continental (high flange; solid axles; single-sided)British Hubs (BH)Airlite N/A
British Hubs (BH) DefianceBritish Hubs (BH)Defiance 1930's - 1950's
British Hubs (BH) EurekaBritish Hubs (BH)Eureka 1940's - ?
British Hubs (BH) Racelite (double-sided)British Hubs (BH)Racelite 1950's
British Hubs (BH) SoliteBritish Hubs (BH)Solite 1930's - 1950's
BSABSA 1915 - 1925
BSA CoasterBSA 1915 - 1925
BSA Continental De LuxeBSA N/A
BSA Hublite (front Dynohub)BSA Early 1950's - Mid 1950's
BSA Hublite (front Dynohub)BSA ? - Mid 1950's
EadieCoasterBSAModel 1907-8 1907 - 1912
BullseyeBullseye Late 1980's - Late 1990's

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