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Rear Derailleurs
Sachs Huret ElyseeSachs Huret Early 1990's - ?
Sachs Huret Elysee 7Sachs Huret 1990 - ?
Sachs Huret DuoPar (titanium)Sachs Huret? Early 1980's - ?
Sachs Huret EcoSachs Huret2490 Early 1980's - Early 1990's
Sachs Huret DuoPar EcoSachs Huret2690 H / 2690 GC Early 1980's - ?
Sachs Huret RivalSachs Huret41/2 1980's
Sachs Huret New SuccessSachs HuretAR 47.1D 1985 - ?
Sachs Huret New Success touringSachs HuretAR 47.1T Mid 1980's
Sachs Huret New Success ARIS TouringSachs HuretAR 47.2T 1990's
Sachs Huret Aris Classic 1500Sachs HuretAris Classic 1500 N/A
Sachs Huret Aris Classic 2500Sachs HuretAris Classic 2500 N/A
Sachs Huret Aris Classic 3000Sachs HuretAris Classic 3000 N/A
Sachs Huret P5Sachs HuretP5 1984 - ?
Sachs Huret PilotSachs HuretPilot 1980's
Sachs Huret Rival 7000Sachs HuretRD R7000 N/A
Sachs Huret Rider (type 1)Sachs HuretRider N/A
Sachs Huret Rider (type 2)Sachs HuretRider N/A
Sachs Huret ARIS New SuccessSachs HuretRD RN500ARIS New SuccessEarly 1990's
Sachs Huret ARIS RivalSachs HuretARIS Rival1990's - ?
Sachs Huret Classic 2000Sachs HuretClassic 2000Classic 20001990 - ?
Sachs Huret JubileeSachs HuretJubileeJubileeEarly 1980's
Sachs Huret ARIS New SuccessSachs Huret47.2DNew Success1987 - ?
Sachs Huret Rival SportSachs HuretAR 41.3 DRival SportLate 1980's - ?

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