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The VeloBase History of Selle Italia
La Selle Italy was founded in 1897 in Corsico, (Near to Milan). The society was near to the end during 1960, but then arrived Bigolin brothers, Giuseppe e Riccardo. In '68, the company moved in Veneto. They produced 60-70 seats per day. The turning point came in '71-72 when thy introduced the use of plastics, stopping the production of "only leather" saddles. Giseppe Bigolin - who in the meantime had by his brother Riccardo, the other 50% of the company - he took the risk in these new applications and technologies.

"The first development of the gel dates back to 1984, when the company, in collaboration with the German company Wacker, researching and creating this special material that can guarantee a result for the first time revolutionary in terms of comfort. Urological Preliminary studies have initially positioned the gel over the entire surface of the saddle; Selle Italy has perfected this application, thanks to the use of the gel targeted at specific points of the session. "

First in Titanium: "Selle Italy was the first cycling company, worldwide, to adopt the titanium in the construction of the saddle: from 1992 to today is the largest consumer of titanium in the industry"

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