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The VeloBase History of FES
Founded in 1962 as the Forschungs- und Entwicklungszentrum für Sportgeraete (Research and Development Center for Sports Equipment) of the DHfK -Deutsche Hochschule für Koerperkultur (German University of Physical Culture) in Leipzig. The aim was to support top athletes of the GDR sports system with individually adapted sports equipment. From the beginning, a wide range of disciplines was covered. In cycling, components were produced for the TEXTIMA bikes, mainly for track, but also road (TT) bikes. At the beginning of the 1980s, the company began to experiment with carbon fiber materials - in 1982, the first CFRP disc wheels were produced for track and time trial bikes, and from the end of the 1980s, entire bikes with carbon monocoque frames - the equipment, except for special in-house made parts , was mostly of Italian origin, striking - the stem attached to the fork crown or the brake installed behind the fork on the road models.The start of carbon technology in cycling took place in the GDR.For the further use of the know-how, especially the CFRP technology, the FES was transferred after the german reunification in 1989 into a supporting association titeled IAT/FES „Institut für angewandte Trainingswissenschft/Forschung und Entwicklungsstelle Sport“ (Institute for Applied Training Science/Research and Development Center Sport), which is financed by the DOSB (Deutscher olympischer Sportbund). It is active in the disciplines of canoeing, rowing, athletics, triathlon, sailing, shooting, skeleton, swimming, skiing, speed skating, bobsleigh and luge, as well as in the Paralympic disciplines. After the commercial manufacturers all entered the carbon frame construction in the 90s, FES specializes on track bikes, equipment parts and accessories as well as measurement and analysis technology, which are now available on the open market.

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