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The History of Continental
1871, 8. October
Founded as an Inc. named Continental-Caoutchouc- und Gutta-Percha Compagnie in Hanover. Besides soft rubbered goods production covered from the beginning tires (solid tires) for  bicycles and coaches.
The rampant horse is adopted as trademark.
Continental is the first German company to manufacture pneumatic tires for bicycles.
Production volume of bicycle pneumatics: 55.6321
Production volume of bicycle pneumatics: 161.5651
Production volume of bicycle pneumatics: 211.0591
Production volume of bicycle pneumatics: 387.5371
Specimens of synthetic rubber developed at the Bayer laboratories are successfully vulcanized at Continental and processed to make the first test tires.
The company's 50th anniversary sees Continental as the first German company to bring cord tire onto the market. The stiff linen square-woven fabric is thus replaced by the more pliable cord fiber fabric.
Carbon black is used as a reinforcing filter to give the tire more resistance to wear and ageing, as well as its characteristic color.

Merger with major companies of the German rubber industry to form Continental Gummi-Werke AG. Takeover of Excelsior Gummiwerke in Hanover-Limmer and Peters-Union Korbach/Hesse.
Synthetic rubber is introduced into the tire manufacturing process.
Foundation stone is laid for the tire plant in Stöcken, Hanover.

Heavy bomb damage to the plants in Hanover-Vahrenwald and Korbach. The British military government grants permission as early as June, 1945 for the Hanover factories to resume production.
Takeover of the European tire operations of Uniroyal, Inc., USA, gives Continental a wider base in Europe

Takeover of the tire operations of the Austrian company Semperit.
Acquisition of the North American tire manufacturer General Tire, Inc. The company has been operating under the name of Continental Tire North America, Inc., since 2001.
             1 All mentioned production volumes from: Paul von Salvisberg: Der Radfahrsport in Bild und Wort, Munich 1897 (Reprint Hildesheim 1980) P. 265

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