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The VeloBase History of Presto
Presto is a shop and was a bicycle brand from Amsterdam, Netherlands.

In 1924 they started a shop on the Haarlemmerstraat in Amsterdam with the sales of bicycles. Later, as happened more often at that time, the building of frames in their own studio started.

The brand gained prominence when cyclists as
Leo Duyndam, Rene Pijnen, Danny Clark, Cees Stam, Ferdinand Bracke and Roy Schuiten in the sixties and seventies of the 20th century achieved success with Presto bikes.

Until the 1990's frames were still made in their own workshop. Later, partly because of stricter environmental requirements, this no longer seemed worthwhile and frames were subsequently obtained from third parties (like Pesenti).

Currently, the brand has two stores but Presto frames are not being made or sold anymore.

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