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The History of P.M.P.

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From Bike Tech, October 1983 INVENTIONS
The Bent Crank: Chronology of an Idea by Harvey Sachs

Each year, the bicycle industry produces dramatic and radical advances in technology. One of the most startling of these was the P.M.P. "bent" crank, which outdid even the Gear-Tel for originality.  Harvey Sachs, best known for his active leadership in East Coast tandem events, predicts what the future holds for P.M.P. in the following special report: 

1981: P.M.P., a small Italian firm, bursts on the scene with the revolutionary "bent"crank, featuring a 90-degree bend in the crank arm. The "L-shaped design increases the pedal's propulsion power and lessens energy dispersion on the downstroke, " according to the manufacturer's literature.

1981: The British magazine Cycling issues a set of P.M.P. cranks to an unnamed first category Surrey roadman for road testing. "Whatever the theories, in practice our roadman tester felt the P.M.P. cranks offered an advantage and surely that is the true criterion," Cycling reported. The roadman himself said, "At low pedaling speeds, dead center seemed to be removed. "

1982: P.M.P. cranks are the talk of the New York trade show. Not many orders, but lots of talk ...

See Link above for additional information about this crankset.


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