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Country:FrancePrimary Focus:Bicycles
Years of Operation:1924 - ?
General Information
One of the giants of French bicycle production, Motobécane produced a full line of bicycles from the sought after Team Champions and Le Champions down to the Hi-Ten (gas pipe) built base models. It should be noted that many Motobécanes were built with Swiss threaded bottom brackets instead of the typical French threading.
Motobécane was the first French maker to start using Japanese parts.
The brand started in 1924 with the MB1, a 175cc motorcycle.
Motobecane was the first French maker to start using Japanese parts.
Notable models :
  • Le champion and Team champion sport (racing, 1979)
  • Grand sprint and Grand record (sport, 1979)
  • Nomade, Nomade sprint, Mirage, Super mirage and Grand touring (touring, 1979)
  • Mirage sport, Mirage 18

In 1983, Motobécane becomes MBK Industrie (with funds from Yamaha and Sachs) and turns to BMX and mountain bikes.

MBK and Motobecane USA are two different companies. They only share the brand name Motobécane.

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