Superbe Pro
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Display Name:Superbe Pro
Group Family:Superbe
Category:Road Race
Years:1981 - 1994
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General Information
 Suntour's Superbe Pro competition components are the very best bicycle components you can buy. Their simple and elegant styling, outstanding quality in materials and finish, extremely precise design and manufacturing tolerances and race-proven efficiency assure optimum performance and looks for any custom frame.
Bottom BracketsSunTour BB-SB10-I, Superbe Pro1989 - 199405/01/09
Bottom BracketsSunTour BB-SB11, Superbe Pro1990 - 199408/26/12
Bottom BracketsSunTour BB-SL10, XC Pro1992 - 199411/06/12
Brake LeversSunTour BL-SB00-N, Superbe Pro1988 - 199412/15/07
Brake LeversSunTour CB-2200, Superbe Pro (compact)Mid 1980's - Late 1980's06/11/09
Brake LeversSunTour CB-3200, Superbe (dual slot drilled)1979 - Mid 1980's12/16/07
BrakesSunTour BA-SB00-S, Superbe Pro1988 - 199408/22/07
BrakesSunTour CB-3100, Superbe Pro Short ReachMid 1980's11/21/10
BrakesSunTour CB-3600, Superbe Pro Short Reach1984 - 198608/03/07
BrakesSunTour CB-4100, Superbe Pro Long Reach1984 - 198606/11/09
CassettesSunTour CS-AP00-S7, Superbe Pro1990 - ?03/11/11
CassettesSunTour CS-AP00-S8, Superbe Pro1990 - ?03/26/08
CassettesSunTour CS-AP00-S8, Superbe Pro1990 - ?05/05/14
ChainringsSunTour Superbe Pro BlackMid 1980's - Late 1980's03/09/15
ChainsSunTour CH-AP01, Superbe Pro1988 - 199004/19/09
ChainsSunTour CH-AP02, Sprint1988 - 199304/19/09
ChainsSunTour SP-6000, Superbe Pro1984 - ?04/04/09
CranksetsSunTour CW-5000, Superbe Pro1984 - 198608/05/07
CranksetsSunTour CW-6000, Superbe Pro (Track)Mid 1980's - Late 1980's10/16/07
CranksetsSunTour CW-SB10, Superbe Pro1987 - 199408/26/12
Front DerailleursSunTour FD-2000, Superbe Pro (clamp)Mid 1980's - Late 1980's12/16/07
Front DerailleursSunTour FD-2000, Superbe Pro (endless band)198102/06/11
Front DerailleursSunTour FD-2000, Superbe Pro (endless band; later version)Mid 1980's08/02/07
Front DerailleursSunTour FD-SB00-B, Superbe Pro1987 - 199404/19/09
Front DerailleursSunTour FD-SB00-H, Superbe Pro1987 - 199408/14/07
HeadsetsSunTour HS-150, Superbe ProMid 1980's - Late 1980's06/11/09
HeadsetsSunTour HS-SB00, Superbe ProLate 1980's - 199403/14/13
HubsSunTour BH-1500, Superbe ProMid 1980's - Late 1980's01/13/08
HubsSunTour BH-1600, Superbe ProN/A01/18/09
HubsSunTour Superbe Pro (8speed)1991 - 199404/23/08
PedalsSunTour PL-2000, Superbe Pro (Track)1987 - ?06/11/09
PedalsSunTour PL-4000, Superbe1981 - ?08/05/07
PedalsSunTour PL-SB00, Superbe Pro1990 - 199408/27/12
PedalsSunTour PL-TM00, Superbe Pro1990 - 199403/16/13
Rear DerailleursSunTour Superbe Pro1979 - 198302/29/16
Rear DerailleursSunTour Superbe Pro1983 - ?05/27/10
Rear DerailleursSunTour Superbe Pro1986 - 199408/22/07
Rear DerailleursSunTour Superbe Pro (friction)1983 - 198608/02/07
Seat PostsSunTour SP-SB00 (-S)(-L) , Superbe Pro1987 - 199403/25/09
ShiftersSunTour LD-4650, Superbe Pro1983 - 198603/27/09
ShiftersSunTour SL-IP00-B, Sprint / Cyclone / Superbe Pro1987 - 199009/04/07
ShiftersSunTour Superbe Pro (6, 7 index)199103/12/08
ShiftersSunTour Superbe Pro (7, 8 index)1992 - ?10/16/07
ShiftersSunTour Superbe Pro (Power Command Friction)1987 - 199003/01/16
Small Parts & AccessoriesSunTour Superbe Pro Dust Cap - Early Generation1976 - 198608/01/16
Small Parts & AccessoriesSunTour Superbe Pro Dust Cap - Late Generation1987 - 199408/27/12
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