600EX, 6200 series
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Display Name:600EX
Group Family:600 / Ultegra
Category:Road Race
Years:1978 - 1987
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General Information
Group Family General Info: Shimano's second in line road group set, introduced in the 1970's as the 600.  The 600 group became the 600 Ultegra and then dropped the 600 all together to become the modern Ultegra groupset.
General Info: The Shimano 600EX groupset was made in a multitude of variations and generations.  Often, more than one variation was being produced at the same time.  Included in the Shimano 600EX groupsets is the easily recognizable Arabesque group with detailed engravings and designs.  The 600EX group went from friction shifting at its introduction, to 6 speed SIS shifting later in the 1980's. 
Bottom BracketsShimano BB-6200, 600EXEarly 1980's10/20/11
Bottom BracketsShimano BB-6207, 600EX1984 - 198710/11/07
Brake LeversShimano BL-6200, 600EX1978 - 198407/10/07
Brake LeversShimano BL-6207, 600EX1984 - 198710/10/07
Brake LeversShimano BL-6208, 600EX1986 - 198808/07/07
Brake LeversShimano BL-6209, 600 EX1986 - 198702/01/08
BrakesShimano BR-6102, 600EX (cantilever)1982 - 198401/10/10
BrakesShimano BR-6200, 600EX Arabesque1978 - 198408/13/07
BrakesShimano BR-6207, 600EX (short reach)1984 - 198707/07/07
BrakesShimano BR-6207, 600EX (standard reach)1984 - 198711/18/09
BrakesShimano BR-6208 600EX1986 - 198702/01/08
BrakesShimano BR-6210, 600EX Arabesque (short reach)1978 - 198401/10/10
CassettesShimano Uniglide, 600EXLate 1970's - Mid 1980's11/06/09
ChainringsShimano 600EX Ultegra1978 - 198605/17/09
ChainsShimano CN-6200, 600EXEarly 1980's - Mid 1980's01/10/10
CranksetsShimano 600EX Arabesque BMXMid 1980's - Late 1990's10/13/11
CranksetsShimano FC-6200, 600EX ArabesqueN/A10/13/17
CranksetsShimano FC-6200, 600EX Arabesque1978 - 198411/20/09
CranksetsShimano FC-6200, 600EX Arabesque (DA chainrings + guard)1978 - 198401/20/16
CranksetsShimano FC-6200, 600EX Arabesque (Dura-Ace rings)1978 - 198410/05/07
CranksetsShimano FC-6200, 600EX Arabesque (Triple)1981 - ?04/26/20
CranksetsShimano FC-6206 Biopace, 600EX (Triple version of FC-6207)1984 - 198706/12/09
CranksetsShimano FC-6207 BP, 600EX (Biopace)1984 - 198708/02/09
CranksetsShimano FC-6207, 600EX1984 - 198707/07/07
FreewheelsShimano MF-6207, 600EX (6sp)1984 - 198707/07/07
FreewheelsShimano MF-6208, 600EX (6sp)Mid 1980's - Late 1980's10/25/07
Front DerailleursShimano FD-6200, 600EX Arabesque1978 - 198408/13/07
Front DerailleursShimano FD-6207, 600EX1984 - 198710/15/07
HeadsetsShimano HP-6200, 600EX Arabesque1978 - 198407/19/07
HeadsetsShimano HP-6207, 600EX1983 - 198701/08/08
HubsShimano 600 Uniglide, 600EX (5sp) FreehubLate 1970's - ?11/06/09
HubsShimano FH-6207, 600EX (Cassette hub)Mid 1980's11/20/09
HubsShimano FH-6207, 600EX (Freewheel hub)Mid 1980's07/18/11
HubsShimano FH-6208, 600EXMid 1980's11/11/09
HubsShimano FH-6261, 600EX (6sp)Early 1980's - Mid 1980's01/28/08
PedalsShimano PD-6207, 600EX1984 - ?10/12/07
Rear DerailleursShimano RD-6200, 600EX Arabesque (Short Cage)1978 - 198407/10/07
Rear DerailleursShimano RD-6207 GS, 600EX (long cage)1984 - 198601/27/08
Rear DerailleursShimano RD-6207, 600EX1984 - 198608/17/07
Rear DerailleursShimano RD-6208, 600EX (SIS)1986 - 198710/15/07
Rear DerailleursShimano RD-6210, 600EX Arabesque (Long Cage)1978 - 198407/07/07
Seat PostsShimano SP-6207?, 600EXMid 1980's - ?06/27/10
ShiftersShimano SL-6200, 600EX Arabesque (clamp-on)1978 - 198407/06/07
ShiftersShimano SL-6207, 600EX1984 - 198710/15/07
ShiftersShimano SL-6208, 600EXMid 1980's - ?02/01/08
ShiftersShimano SL-6210, 600EX Arabesque (brazed-on)1978 - 198407/25/18
Small Parts & AccessoriesShimano 600EX shifter parts for campagnolo braze-on1980's02/18/09
Small Parts & AccessoriesShimano 600EX Ultegra jockey wheels1977 - 198707/31/09
StemsShimano HS-6207, 600EX1985 - 198806/27/10
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