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Frame Parts
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(san) 3Rensho
3Rensho Catalogs & FlyersFile Size: 12.18 MBSource: VeloBase
3TTT 1974 CatalogFile Size: N/ASource:
3TTT 1978 CatalogFile Size: N/ASource:
Araya Rim Catalog Archive 1960 - CurrentFile Size: N/ASource:
Barelli Ads 1976 - 1980File Size: N/ASource:
Barracuda 1995 CatalogFile Size: 2.43 MBSource: VeloBase (Elev12k)
Bertin Catalog (60's, earlier?)File Size: 2.69 MBSource: VeloBase
Bertin 1980 CatalogFile Size: 2.30 MBSource: VeloBase
Bertoni c.1987 CatalogFile Size: 3.36 MBSource: VeloBase (Jim S. Carter)
Bertoni c.1987 Catalog (Wool Jersey)File Size: N/ASource: Jim S. Carter
1940 Bianchi CatalogFile Size: 17.83 MBSource: VeloBase
1973 Bianchi Catalog (Italian market)File Size: 10.90 MBSource: VeloBase
1987 BianchiFile Size: 2.39 MBSource: VeloBase
Bicycle Research
Bicycle ResearchFile Size: N/ASource: John D Thompson
Bob Jackson
Bob Jackson Catalog ca. 1988File Size: 3.08 MBSource: VeloBase
Bontranger 94-98 CatalogsFile Size: N/ASource:
Bridgestone Fork Crown DescriptionsFile Size: 410 KBSource: VeloBase
85 - 94 Catalogs on SheldonBrown.comFile Size: N/ASource:
Bruce Gordon
Bruce Gordon Catalog & Price List c.1981File Size: 3.62 MBSource: VeloBase
1953 - Catalog 12File Size: 2.23 MBSource: VeloBase
1955 - Catalog 13File Size: 1.61 MBSource: VeloBase
1960 - Catalog 14File Size: 22.41 MBSource: VeloBase
1967 - Catalog 15File Size: 7.18 MBSource: VeloBase
1968 - Catalog 16File Size: 3.57 MBSource: VeloBase
1968 - Catalog 16File Size: 12.70 MBSource: VeloBase
1971 - Catalog 16 supplementFile Size: 2.92 MBSource: VeloBase
1974 - Catalog 17File Size: 27.18 MBSource: VeloBase
1974 - Catalog 17File Size: 29.53 MBSource: VeloBase
1975 - Catalog 17aFile Size: 3.80 MBSource: VeloBase
1975 - Catalog 17aFile Size: 14.72 MBSource: VeloBase
1980 Freewheel InformationFile Size: 5.05 MBSource: VeloBase
1982 - Catalog OlympicFile Size: 12.67 MBSource: VeloBase
1983 - 50th AnniversaryFile Size: 1.67 MBSource: VeloBase
1985 - Catalog 18File Size: 20.49 MBSource: VeloBase
1985 - Catalog 18File Size: 20.18 MBSource: VeloBase
1986 - Catalog 18 bisFile Size: 14.69 MBSource: VeloBase
1986 - Catalog SyncroFile Size: 907 KBSource: VeloBase
1986 - Catalog Victory & TriompheFile Size: 2.27 MBSource: VeloBase
1987 - Catalog Fluid Dynamics RimsFile Size: 6.19 MBSource: VeloBase
1987 - RecordFile Size: 4.73 MBSource: VeloBase
1987 - Record IntroFile Size: 2.44 MBSource: VeloBase
1987 - Record NewsFile Size: 2.42 MBSource: VeloBase
1987 - SYTN Brake PadsFile Size: 970 KBSource: VeloBase
1988 - AthenaFile Size: 633 KBSource: VeloBase
1988 - ChorusFile Size: 754 KBSource: VeloBase
1988 - Croce d' AuneFile Size: 3.28 MBSource: VeloBase
1988 Dealer Parts CatalogFile Size: 10.47 MBSource: VeloBase
1989 - CentaurFile Size: 1.73 MBSource: VeloBase
1989 - EuclidFile Size: 2.04 MBSource: VeloBase
1990 - GroupsFile Size: 1.99 MBSource: VeloBase
1991 - GroupsFile Size: 1,129 KBSource: VeloBase
1991 - RimsFile Size: 1,162 KBSource: VeloBase
1992 - Rims & RoadFile Size: 1,079 KBSource: VeloBase
1993File Size: 17.20 MBSource: VeloBase
1994File Size: 36.35 MBSource: VeloBase
1995File Size: 33.05 MBSource: VeloBase
VintageCannondale Catalog ListFile Size: N/ASource:
1972 Centurion CatalogFile Size: N/ASource:
1979 Centurion CatalogFile Size: 4.14 MBSource: VeloBase
1985 Centurion CatalogFile Size: N/ASource:
1986 Centurion CatalogFile Size: N/ASource:
1989 Ironman Owners ManualFile Size: 2.78 MBSource: VeloBase
1970's Chesini CatalogFile Size: 2.86 MBSource: VeloBase
Chris Pauley
Tierra Brochure ca. 1983File Size: 180 KBSource: VeloBase
Cinelli - Workstands (mid-80's)File Size: 1,092 KBSource: VeloBase
Cinelli Componets (mid-80's)File Size: 1,460 KBSource: VeloBase
Cinelli Frames (mid-80's)File Size: 791 KBSource: VeloBase
CLB Catalogs/ManualsFile Size: N/ASource:
CLB Catalogs & Ads (1968 - 1984)File Size: N/ASource:
1994 Colnago CatalogFile Size: 22.01 MBSource: VeloBase
2001 Colnago CatalogFile Size: 7.30 MBSource: VeloBase
2004 Colnago CatalogFile Size: 8.36 MBSource: VeloBase
Columbus Tubing (circa mid 80s)File Size: 13.44 MBSource: VeloBase
Late 70's CatalogFile Size: N/ASource:
1980's Tubing ChartFile Size: N/ASource:
1993 ConcordeFile Size: N/ASource:
Dia-Compe 1986 CatalogFile Size: N/ASource:
Dürkopp FahrräderFile Size: N/ASource:
Eddy Merckx
1980's & 1990's CatalogsFile Size: N/ASource:
2002 Eddy Merckx U.S. CatalogFile Size: N/ASource: Darin @ Panasonic Bicycles Virtual Museum
Everest brochure (1980)File Size: N/ASource:
Falcon Early 1970's CatalogFile Size: 1,250 KBSource: VeloBase
Fiamme Catalog 1985File Size: N/ASource:
Follis TandemsFile Size: 9.57 MBSource: VeloBase
Fuji Catalogs 1971-1991File Size: N/ASource:
Fuji 1974 - US CatalogFile Size: 3.52 MBSource: VeloBase (Michael de Estrada)
Galli Catalogs/ManualsFile Size: N/ASource:
Gary Fisher
1980's & 1990's CatalogsFile Size: N/ASource:
Late 70's through 2000's Catalogs and Price ListsFile Size: N/ASource:
1980's & 1990's Catalogs on RetroBikeFile Size: N/ASource:
Giant catalog 1991 pricelist & parts and accessoiresFile Size: N/ASource: Gideon Tomsen
1980 Gios CatalogFile Size: 6.02 MBSource: VeloBase
1981 Gios CatalogFile Size: 3.17 MBSource: VeloBase
(circa) 1986 Gios CatalogFile Size: 3.54 MBSource: VeloBase
Gipiemme 70's era CatalogFile Size: 11.53 MBSource: VeloBase
Gipiemme Catalogs & Ads 1978-1984File Size: N/ASource:
Gipiemme 1980's era brochures/catalogsFile Size: N/ASource:
Gipiemme 1982 CatalogFile Size: N/ASource:
Gitane Catalogs 1964-1980File Size: N/ASource:
Gitane c.1970 CatalogFile Size: 2.87 MBSource: VeloBase
Göricke Fahrräder 1914File Size: N/ASource:
Harry Quinn
1991 Harry Quinn CatalogFile Size: 1.80 MBSource: VeloBase
Hetchins Catalog (circa late 80's)File Size: 6.67 MBSource: VeloBase
Hetchins Model List (circa late 80's)File Size: 1,388 KBSource: VeloBase
Hi-E Ads & Parts Lists (1971-1979)File Size: N/ASource:
Hozan (aka "HKC")
1990 Hozan Tools For Bicycle CatalogFile Size: 6.81 MBSource: VeloBase
Huret Catalogs 1969-1980File Size: N/ASource:
Hutchinson catalog (1977)File Size: N/ASource:
Ishiwata Tubing Catalog 1980sFile Size: N/ASource: Bicycle Info Project at Equus Bicycle
Jan Janssen
1989 Jan JanssenFile Size: 2.50 MBSource: VeloBase
John Howard
John Howard (Dave Moulton) c.1984File Size: 1.85 MBSource: VeloBase
1981 Kalkhoff CatalogFile Size: 1,478 KBSource: VeloBase
Long Shen
Long Shen Investment Casting CatalogFile Size: 6.26 MBSource: VeloBase
1987File Size: N/ASource:
1988File Size: N/ASource:
1989File Size: N/ASource:
1190File Size: N/ASource:
Cycle 1991 LOOK Pole PositionFile Size: N/ASource: Les aventures de PYF / PYF Rides
Cycle 92 LOOK (FR)File Size: N/ASource: Les aventures de PYF / PYF Rides
CYCLE LOOK (1993 - FR)File Size: N/ASource: Les aventures de PYF / PYF Rides
Cycle 1994. LOOK (FRFile Size: N/ASource: Les aventures de PYF / PYF Rides
MTB 1995 Cycles ROAD LOOK Visionnaire (FR)File Size: N/ASource: Les aventures de PYF / PYF Rides
ROAD 1995 Equipement MTB LOOK Visionnaire (FR)File Size: N/ASource: Les aventures de PYF / PYF Rides
Cycle LOOK 1996 (FR)File Size: N/ASource: Les aventures de PYF / PYF Rides
Cycle LOOK 1996 (FR) (2)File Size: N/ASource: Les aventures de PYF / PYF Rides
Visionnaire Cycle Look 1997 (FR)File Size: N/ASource: Les aventures de PYF / PYF Rides
Look Visionnaire 98. Cycle By LOOK (FR)File Size: N/ASource: Les aventures de PYF / PYF Rides
Look 1999. Cycle By LOOK (FR)File Size: N/ASource: Les aventures de PYF / PYF Rides
Look 2000File Size: N/ASource: Les aventures de PYF / PYF Rides
Lyotard 1977File Size: N/ASource:
MAFAC 1970's CatalogFile Size: 7.74 MBSource: VeloBase
Mavic 1974 Rim flyerFile Size: N/ASource:
Mavic 1979 CatalogFile Size: N/ASource:
Mavic 1980 CatalogFile Size: N/ASource:
Mavic 84 / 85 CatalogFile Size: N/ASource:
1984 Meral Bicycle CatalogFile Size: 12.54 MBSource: VeloBase
1978 Miyata CatalogFile Size: N/ASource:
1980's & 1990's CatalogsFile Size: N/ASource:
1986 Miyata Catalog Pg1-12File Size: 14.93 MBSource: VeloBase
1986 Miyata Catalog Pg13-24File Size: 16.30 MBSource: VeloBase
MKS Ed.11 Pedal Catalog (Post-CSPC)File Size: 3.57 MBSource: VeloBase
Modolo Brochure (1979)File Size: N/ASource:
1986 Mongoose CatalogFile Size: 6.97 MBSource: VeloBase
Motobécane - MBK
Motobécane - MBK 1974 US CatalogFile Size: 6.66 MBSource: VeloBase
Motobécane - MBK 1974 US CatalogFile Size: 6.58 MBSource: VeloBase
Motobécane - MBK 1975 US CatalogFile Size: 8.08 MBSource: VeloBase
Motobécane - MBK 1975 US CatalogFile Size: 8.17 MBSource: VeloBase
Motobécane - MBK 1976 US CatalogFile Size: 8.94 MBSource: VeloBase
Motobécane - MBK 1976 US CatalogFile Size: 8.83 MBSource: VeloBase
Motobécane - MBK 1978 CatalogFile Size: 14.73 MBSource: VeloBase
Motobécane - MBK 1978 CatalogFile Size: N/ASource: Carlos Valero
Motobécane - MBK 1979 CatalogFile Size: N/ASource:
Motobécane - MBK 1979 Catalog (second source)File Size: N/ASource: Carlos Valero
Motobécane - MBK 1979 US CatalogFile Size: 7.13 MBSource: VeloBase
Motobécane - MBK 1984 CatalogFile Size: N/ASource:
Motobécane - MBK 1984 US CatalogFile Size: 2.69 MBSource: VeloBase
Nervar catalog (1974)File Size: N/ASource:
1974 Nishiki BrochureFile Size: 911 KBSource: Garrett Belmont
Nisi advertising flyer (1980)File Size: N/ASource:
1950 Norman CatalogFile Size: 1,464 KBSource: VeloBase
OMAS catalog (1978)File Size: N/ASource:
Palo Alto
Palo Alto Shop Catalog 1984File Size: 4.80 MBSource: VeloBase
Palo Alto Shop Catalog 78-79File Size: 12.20 MBSource: VeloBase
Palo Alto Shop Catalog 79-80File Size: 10.80 MBSource: VeloBase
Panasonic Bicycles Virtual Museam Catalogs (77-95)File Size: N/ASource: zeringer
Panasonic Bicycle Catalogs & Photos (Picasa Web Album)File Size: N/ASource: zeringer
1985 Panasonic Bicycles USA CatalogFile Size: N/ASource:
Panasonic 89, 91, 93 & 95 CatalogsFile Size: N/ASource:
Panasonic 1991File Size: 4.02 MBSource: VeloBase (Elev12k)
Cycles Peugeot Catalog List (1898 - 1989)File Size: N/ASource: Cycles Peugeot
Peugeot 1970 CatalogFile Size: 2.21 MBSource: VeloBase (Michael de Estrada)
Peugeot 1979File Size: N/ASource: Carlos Valero
1980's Cycles Peugeot & ComponentsFile Size: 11.91 MBSource: VeloBase
Peugeot Mid 90's TeamLineFile Size: N/ASource:
Pinarello Price List - 1985File Size: 828 KBSource: VeloBase
Dealer #1: Contents, Frames & ForksFile Size: 3.80 MBSource: VeloBase
Dealer #2: Gears And WheelsFile Size: 3.30 MBSource: VeloBase
Dealer #3: Handlebars & AccessoriesFile Size: 3.68 MBSource: VeloBase
Dealer #4: SA DynoFile Size: 7.16 MBSource: VeloBase
Dealer #5: ToolsFile Size: 3.08 MBSource: VeloBase
3-speed Maintenance Handbook. ca.1956.File Size: 1,301 KBSource: EraserGirl
1973 CatalogFile Size: 28.45 MBSource: VeloBase (Scott Ryder)
1970's Regina Extra (Chains & Freewheels)File Size: 2.45 MBSource: VeloBase
1970's Regina Extra (Chains, Freewheels, Tools)File Size: 6.02 MBSource: VeloBase
Regina catalog (1978)File Size: N/ASource:
1992 Regina ExtraFile Size: 1,211 KBSource: VeloBase
Reynolds catalogs, ads, data sheetsFile Size: N/ASource:
Reynolds 531File Size: 10.58 MBSource: VeloBase
Reynolds TransfersFile Size: 210 KBSource: VeloBase
Reynolds Tubing Tech DocumentsFile Size: 10.07 MBSource: VeloBase
Reynolds Top Tubes - 531 tubingFile Size: 2.77 MBSource: VeloBase
1982 Catalog ScanFile Size: 4.48 MBSource: VeloBase
1982 Ross Price ListsFile Size: 618 KBSource: VeloBase
1985 Catalog ScanFile Size: 3.50 MBSource: VeloBase
Royal Enfield
1983 Catalog ScanFile Size: 3.25 MBSource: VeloBase
Sachs Huret
Sachs Huret catalog 1985File Size: N/ASource:
Sakae/Ringyo (SR)
Sakae No.17 CatalogFile Size: 9.11 MBSource: VeloBase
Sakae Pedals - Hubs (1970's?)File Size: 1.59 MBSource: VeloBase
Sakae No.18 - early 80'sFile Size: N/ASource:
Sakae No.P-7 Catalog (1982)File Size: 6.14 MBSource: VeloBase
1977 Sanyo Bicycle Accessories CatalogFile Size: 3.65 MBSource: VeloBase
1978 Sanyo Bicycle Accessories CatalogFile Size: 506 KBSource: VeloBase
Sedis Catalog (1971)File Size: N/ASource:
Selle San Marco
Selle San Marco catalog 1991File Size: N/ASource:
Serotta 1990's CatalogsFile Size: N/ASource:
Shimano 1970's & early 1980's catalogsFile Size: N/ASource:
Circa 1975 "A Complete Line of Shimano" CatalogFile Size: N/ASource:
Shimano Misc Catalog / ManualsFile Size: N/ASource:
Shimano 1982 Dealer Catalog (complete)File Size: 11.51 MBSource: VeloBase
Shimano 3-Speed Gear Hubs (1983)File Size: 1,485 KBSource: VeloBase
Santé Dealer Sales Manual 1987File Size: N/ASource:
dealer catalogsFile Size: N/ASource:
Silva Braze-On Small Parts ChartFile Size: 624 KBSource: VeloBase
Simplex Sept. 1975 CatalogFile Size: N/ASource:
1982 Simplex CatalogFile Size: 2.52 MBSource: VeloBase
Simplex 1984 CatalogFile Size: 2.62 MBSource: VeloBase
Spécialités TA
Specialites T.A. catalog (1973)File Size: N/ASource:
TA 1983 CatalogFile Size: 7.79 MBSource: VeloBase
TAFile Size: N/ASource: John D Thompson
Specialized 1984 CatalogFile Size: 16.07 MBSource: VeloBase
SR Bicycles
1984 SR Bicycle Catalog - Not related to SR SakaeFile Size: N/ASource: Don Buska
1984 SR Bicycle Owner's ManualFile Size: N/ASource: Don Buska
Stronglight catalog (1958)File Size: N/ASource:
Stronglight Catalog no. 24 (1978)File Size: N/ASource:
Stronglight Catalog no. 26 (1982)File Size: 5.49 MBSource: VeloBase
Stronglight Catalog no. 27 (1984)File Size: N/ASource:
Stronglight Catalog (mid-late 80's?)File Size: 1.88 MBSource: VeloBase
Sturmey Archer
1959 Strumey Archer Catalog Part 1File Size: 16.12 MBSource: VeloBase
1959 Sturmey Archer - Price List & Service DocsFile Size: 10.31 MBSource: VeloBase
Sturmey Archer Hubs - 1980'sFile Size: 24.04 MBSource: VeloBase
Sugino brochures early to mid 1980'sFile Size: N/ASource:
Sugino Aero Dynamics CatalogFile Size: 2.66 MBSource: VeloBase
SunTour New Winner FreewheelsFile Size: 3.06 MBSource: VeloBase
SunTour 1976 Parts CatalogFile Size: N/ASource:
SunTour Catalog (Japanese)File Size: N/ASource: The Bicycle Info Project
SunTour 1980 Comparison TableFile Size: N/ASource:
SunTour 1982 SuperbeFile Size: N/ASource:
1983-1990's SunTour MTB parts listing & catalog pagesFile Size: N/ASource:
SunTour 1984 CycloneFile Size: N/ASource:
SunTour 1984 Superbe ProFile Size: N/ASource:
SunTour 1984 XCFile Size: N/ASource:
Catalog Scans for GPX, Superbe and others.File Size: N/ASource:
Sprint 9000 Group LealetFile Size: N/ASource: Don Buska
SunTour 1987 Cyclone 7000File Size: N/ASource:
SunTour 1987 Dealer CatalogFile Size: N/ASource:
Suntour 1988 Ed. No. 89 Bicycle Component CatalogFile Size: N/ASource: Don Buska
Suntour Through 1988 CatalogFile Size: N/ASource: Don Buska
SunTour 1989 Product LinesFile Size: N/ASource:
SunTour Technical Bulletin #21 - AccushiftFile Size: 3.03 MBSource: VeloBase
Suntour 1991 Bicycle Equipment CatalogFile Size: N/ASource:
Suntour 1991 Product LineFile Size: N/ASource: Don Buska
SunTour 1992 Product LinesFile Size: N/ASource:
Suntour 1994 (SR Suntour) Bicycles Equipment Sales ManuFile Size: N/ASource: Don Buska
Tange Tubing CatalogFile Size: N/ASource:
Tange Tubing Catalog - 1988File Size: 14.88 MBSource: VeloBase
Tange Tubing 1997 CatalogFile Size: N/ASource:
Tange Frame SystemFile Size: N/ASource: John D Thompson
The Components Company
The Components CompanyFile Size: N/ASource: John D Thompson
Vintage-Trek Catalogs (1977 - 1995)File Size: N/ASource:
Tron & Berthet
Tron & Berthet / Tron & Berthet 1969 & 1977File Size: N/ASource:
Umberto Dei
Umberto Dei 1934 CatalogFile Size: 5.20 MBSource: VeloBase
Universal Catalog (1978)File Size: N/ASource:
Vagner Fork CrownsFile Size: 4.03 MBSource: VeloBase
VAR 1980's Era CatalogFile Size: 18.31 MBSource: VeloBase
VAR Tool CatalogFile Size: N/ASource:
Aujourd'hui la passion s'écrit avec un v - vitus '96File Size: N/ASource: Aujourd'hui la passion s'écrit avec un v - vitus '96
Weinmann AG
Catalogs & Ads (1971 - 1983)File Size: N/ASource:
Wilderness Trail Bikes (WTB)
1980's & 1990's CatalogsFile Size: N/ASource:
stingray565File Size: N/ASource: web
Windsor 1979 Bicycle Catalog - with price list (SR too)File Size: N/ASource: Don Buska
Wolber Rims & Tires (1980's)File Size: 448 KBSource: VeloBase
Zeus catalogs & ads 1970's - 1982File Size: N/ASource:
Zeus Advertisements, circa 1973File Size: 6.03 MBSource: VeloBase
Zeus Catalog No.102, 1973File Size: 12.78 MBSource: VeloBase

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