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DEA by LyotardLyotard N/A
Lyotard DolomiteLyotard N/A
Lyotard Faucheux (point on inside end of cage, not both ends)Lyotard N/A
Lyotard Faucheux (points on both ends of cage)Lyotard Mid 1930's - ?
Lyotard Marcel Berthet MB 23TFLyotard N/A
Lyotard 136R (type 1)Lyotard136R 1970's - 1980's
Lyotard 136R (type 2)Lyotard136R N/A
Lyotard 15SLyotard15S Early 1950's - 1970's
Lyotard 2Lyotard2 N/A
Lyotard 240Lyotard240 N/A
Lyotard 25Lyotard25 Mid 1930's - ?
Lyotard 26Lyotard26 N/A
Lyotard 36Lyotard36 1950's - 1970's
Lyotard 36 bisLyotard36 bis 1930's - ?
Lyotard 38Lyotard38 N/A
Lyotard 45CALyotard45CA 1930's - 1980's
Lyotard 45terLyotard45ter N/A
Lyotard 460ALyotard460A N/A
Lyotard 460DLyotard460D 1970's - 1980's
Lyotard 460DLyotard460D 1930's - ?
Lyotard 462Lyotard462 Mid 1960's - Early 1980's
Lyotard 5RLyotard5R N/A
Lyotard 65Lyotard65 1970's - 1980's
Lyotard 79Lyotard79 Mid 1970's - ?
Lyotard 82Lyotard82 1970's - ?
Lyotard 92Lyotard92 N/A
Lyotard 99Lyotard99 N/A
Lyotard LA PL 2000LyotardLA PL 2000 Late 1980's
Lyotard Marcel Berthet (later type)LyotardM23 Late 1940's - Mid 1980's
Lyotard Marcel Berthet (first type)LyotardM23 1928 - Early 1940's
LyotardLyotard N/A

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